Aragon Research Cites TAP Workflow Automation as Visionary Again
Aragon Research Cites TAP Workflow Automation as Visionary Again

Aragon Research Calls TAP a “Visionary” DTM Product – Again!

Chris Kraft |

It’s one thing to be called a “visionary” in Digital Transaction Management by a respected analyst. But for four years in a row?  Aragon Research has again cited TAP Workflow Automation as proof that the company behind it is an innovator in DTM.

In this year’s Aragon Research report on DTM, The Aragon Research Globe™ for Digital Transaction Management, 2019: Document Journeys Go Digital, TAP repeats its performance of the previous three years. It was a solid performance even back then. How so?  TAP was the only Legal Operations-specific solution to make the list last year.

Aragon Research

This time around, Aragon Research offers up assessments of 19 major DTM providers. Besides Mitratech, they included Adobe, AssureSign, Citrix, Conga, DocuSign, eOriginal, HelloSign, Intelledox, Kofax, Namirial, Nintex, OneSpan, Sertifi, SignEasy, SignNow, Topaz, Wacom, and ZorroSign.

They’re jockeying for position in a market that “has kicked into gear,” as the report’s authors point out, as more enterprises embrace workflow automation:

Digital transaction management (DTM) is growing rapidly as a category—over 25% a year—even though it is still in its infancy. While often overlooked, transforming paper processes can provide one of the fastest ways to digitize customer-facing processes that involve contracts. Because paper processes still dominate, enterprises that start with basic DTM (eSignatures) stand to gain a significant competitive advantage.

Strengthening our focus on superior DTM delivery

Aragon Research DTM Globe

Laurels are all well and good. And TAP and Mitratech have collected an impressive share of those over time, including recent recognition by the Financial Times.  Are we ready to rest on those laurels, though? Hardly. To us, they’re just evidence we’re doing something right, and we should keep at it. Especially in terms of continuous innovation to meet our clients’ ever-shifting needs.

Last year’s DTM Globe (click at right) showed TAP’s original provider, ThinkSmart, was in great position against some formidable competitors.  ThinkSmart’s acquisition by Mitratech has only deepened and strengthened the resources, integrations, and opportunities for TAP and its users.

We’re proud to have been recognized by Aragon Research. But we can honestly say it just fuels our fire to make TAP an even more valuable DTM solution for legal departments and other users around the world.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and co-innovation of a growing TAP user community and the resources of a global legal tech leader behind the product?  It will be fascinating to see what Aragon and other analysts have to say about TAP next year.

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