CCPA Glossary Blog Post Header
CCPA Glossary Blog Post Header

Get a Glossary Guide to the CCPA

Do you know your CalOPPA from your De-Identified Data? If not, you’re not alone.

But never fear: to prepare for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Mitratech has come up with a free, downloadable infographic to help you understand its jargon and terms. Grab your copy using the link below!

The CCPA will impact hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide. In “A Glossary Guide to the CCPA”, have the basic terms and need-to-know elements of the law right at your fingertips. Or on your office wall, or digital desktop.

For instance: How is a “consumer” defined under the CCPA? It might surprise you, and it’s a key concept marketers need to understand if they’re going to stay compliant with these new rules.

For other info and resources about the CCPA, visit our CCPA Compliance Resources page.

View and download your free infographic today, courtesy of Mitratech. We won’t even ask you for your name and email. How’s that for respecting data privacy?