HR Tech Compliance
HR Tech Compliance

A New Chapter for HR Compliance in a Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic has been a wake-up call for HR teams around the globe. And although COVID is still shaping our work world, we’re finally back in the driver’s seat. Companies are no longer simply reacting, they are pro-acting.

As part of this new proactive shift, businesses are recognizing the need to update their HR tech stack to keep up with this shifting world and to get ahead in the face of business pressures. We’ve gone from working in offices to being a highly mobile and fragmented hybrid workforce. Staying compliant with new regulations, changing employee/employer preferences, and meeting business realities has become a struggle for every organization.

We’ve called on HR leaders within our community to explore the changes

Our webinar, HR Compliance in a Post-Pandemic World, features a panel of notable leaders within the space who have successfully pivoted to meet the needs made apparent by the pandemic. Within this webinar we’ll be learning how important it has been for people, processes, and technology to move as one, and we’ll learn what changes these leaders have made in these spheres to support their success.

To get a taste of what’s in store, we asked them each to share why they believe that building a strong strategy and tech stack is crucial for today and the coming months and years.

We all know that the illuminating factor of the COVID-19 pandemic has been that many organizations can actually function remotely.  Sure, it’s a shift, and maybe not ideal in every situation (or for every manager…) but it’s possible.  Specifically, it’s a rather big shift in the world of HR and specifically HR compliance.  The compliance world generally is a bit delayed in adopting the paperless and virtual world, but it’s getting there.  But what do you do when you don’t ever see your workforce?  You have to anticipate the unanticipatable.  You’re putting your organization at a competitive disadvantage by not adopting agile, future-proof solutions.  

Jennifer Pawlack, Director of I-9 Services, Paragon Compliance

Survey Infographic: Current Challenges in Immigration Case Management

What are the biggest concerns our survey identified?

“Change is the only constant,” and the last 18 months have brought a ton of change. With or without a pandemic, that change isn’t going away. Finding new ways to partner strategically with vendors to solve problems will be essential going forward, not only to scale, but to match the increasing pace of change. Add to that an increased focus on employee experience (yes, even in the world of compliance) and automation and it’s clear to see that strong vendor relationships may become a key differentiating factor as we move into 2022. 

A.K. Miller, HR Compliance Manager, DISH

More than ever, it’s important for leaders to get in front of talent, workplace and legal challenges. We’ve learned so much over the last year and a half, but there are still significant changes to come. Tomorrow’s workforce will look very different from today’s. There will be more remote-only talent, more globalized hybrid workforces, and more on-demand skilled professionals that become a strategic part of our businesses. That’s why it’s important for all of us to come together and collaborate our way into the future. 

Tim Sanders, Director of HRC Product Management and Compliance, Mitratech

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