How is the new generation of policy automation management solutions changing the game and solving policy management’s thorniest problems?

Like it or not, policy management is an organization-wide imperative that has to touch nearly every department and employee within the company. The reason for this is simple: your largest risk of reputational brand damage, lawsuits, and regulatory fines comes from your own employees.

Many of the policy management solutions on the market today do a solid job of ensuring that policies are efficiently managed and enforced, and accurately maintained, distributed, and attested to.

But it’s also true that many off-the-shelf tools struggle to address issues such as exceptions, disclosures and other matters where context, nuance, and uncertainty come into play.

The four most common issues consist of:

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  • Gifts and Entertainment Disclosures – Disclosures around the nature, context and value of gifts provided to employees.
  • Conflicts of Interest – Disclosures around flagging and communicating potential conflicts and tracking those conflicts over time.
  • Policy Exceptions – Issues around accommodations that may need to be made for employee healthcare exceptions, device needs and so forth.
  • Legal Questions – Issues around how to address employee concerns arising when new policies come online or existing policies get changed.

Policy management automation: a better way

Today, you no longer have to manage your policy and compliance processes through a barebones policy tool. By coupling a best-in-class policy management solution with workflow automation, policy and compliance leaders can now enjoy comprehensive, feature-rich policy management and compliance tracking that’s extensible throughout their entire organization.

Policy Management Automation

Mitratech is introducing just such an integrated solution. Our new policy automation offering will give you far greater control over the four most common issues around procedure and compliance encountered in today’s workplace. It’s a new approach that will enable users to:

  • Drive significant ROI through automation of manual processes.
  • Increase visibility into policy-related risks through automated logging, process and resolution of exceptions and disclosures.
  • Promote the granularity required by regulators for an effective compliance program.

Watch this space!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be diving deeper into the four thorny policy management challenges outlined above, using a series of blogs and topic briefs. We’ll set out these problems in more detail, and provide use cases about how the integrated Mitratech policy management automation solution provides such as powerful toolset for addressing such issues.

We’ll also explore technical capabilities: Since flexibility is so crucial to successfully implementing a given software solution within existing organizational environments, any effective policy management solution needs to provide capabilities and workflows as complete standalone features. Users need to be able to choose which pain points they’d like to address, and in which order.

Additionally, today’s policy management technology needs to be intuitive and easy-to-use for both employees, and administrators, and also be able to meet you at your current maturity levels – whether you’re a startup, an enterprise or an SMB.

No matter if you’re already using PolicyHub, or if you’re in the market to make a switch from your legacy policy management provider, we’re confident you’re going to want to discover the possibilities offered by our new integrated policy automation management solution. Please check back next week here at The Mitratech Blog to learn more.

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