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Mitratech Earns Top 10 Recognition as Legal Tech Gains Global Traction

Chris Kraft |

Here’s more proof of how it’s an exciting time to be in legal tech. Yesterday, the Financial Times’ FT Intelligent Business Special Report recognized Mitratech with four prestigious honors that reveal how legal technology is becoming a global force.

How were we (and our clients) honored by the Financial Times?

  • Legal Tech Top 10: Mitratech is listed among the top legal technology leaders with the greatest impact on the practice and business of law.
  • FT Intelligent Business Top 35: Mitratech joined other leading companies cited as the best at integrating legal and professional services with data and technology.
  • FT Intelligent Business Award for Contracting: We shared this award with VMware, Apttus, and QuisLex, as legal tech providers worked together to help VMWare transform its processes. Our TAP Workflow Automation solution took a role in allowing client employees to conduct contract approvals from “any device, anywhere,” helping the process to be 50% faster and helping VMWare see more than $8.4 million in savings a year.
  • FT Intelligent Business Award for Use of Legal Technology: The risk assessment processes at NetApp were laborious, costly and required detailed management by senior lawyers until the legal team began to implement TAP. Utilizing TAP e-signature integration alone helped NetApp save $3.6 MM a year. The legal department has developed 42 use cases for six other NetApp departments, which helps it stand out as a center of excellence and efficiency within the enterprise. You can get that impressive case study here.

RSG Winner in Legal TechThe fact that the Financial Times is now tracking the impact of legal technology and reporting out to the global business community reinforces that the legal industry is at a tipping point. There’s a very real Legal Rising movement underway that will only accelerate in the next year. More CIOs, GCs, and Legal Ops leaders are searching for solutions for elevating both business performance and their influence and impact inside their companies. 

We’ve experienced that legal decision makers at organizations like NetApp and VMWare aren’t charging heedlessly forward into legal tech. Rather, they’re looking for innovation, integration, flexibility, reliability, and ROI from any solution they adopt, in addition to a history of co-innovation and superior support from the provider.

Legal tech providers need to step up

As Jason Parkman recently observed, this is why it’s up to every technology provider to help the legal industry find its way forward through this transformation. At Mitratech, we’re committed to helping our clients see success in both the short term and the long time, so they can realize the full empowerment legal tech provides, and help lead an entire industry ahead.  As Jason points out, that’s what we expect of ourselves, and something we believe that legal departments should expect of every provider they work with. 

Legal Rising Bug Logo StackedFinally, we have to congratulate NetApp and VMWare for also being recognized in the Financial Times Intelligent Business 35, and for allowing us to play a part in their innovation journeys.

Congratulations to Connie Brenton of NetApp, as well. She was called out as a “market shaper,” one of ten individuals recognized by the report for “changing the way business is done by integrating people, processes and data.”

Check out the press release for more details about all the categories and winners.

We’re humbled to be a part of the Legal Rising movement, and we’re looking forward to helping visionary clients lead the transformation that’s taking shape in more and more companies around the world.

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