How a top regional healthcare network developed a comprehensive, compliant digital healthcare system with the help of Mitratech’s Tracker I-9.

Operating as one of the nation’s most reputable healthcare networks, securely overseeing a significant amount of proprietary data, particularly between departments tasked with managing compliance, this multi-hospital health system turned to Tracker I-9 to transition from its paper-based processes.

To create a more cohesive and efficient health system, they made the transition to Tracker I-9’s electronic platform as a standalone database in May of 2020. Since then, Tracker’s ability to guide managers through the remote data collection and verification process, ensure all documents are properly verified for every remote hire across the U.S., deliver real-time reporting across all departments, and maintain a digital audit trail helped this network transform the health of its I-9 compliance and digital file management.

Read this case study to discover:

  1. The enterprise’s top priorities and decision-makers throughout the digital transformation journey
  2. How Tracker I-9’s hands-on account management support delivers a competitive advantage
  3. The evolution of the healthcare network’s digital health system since deployment
Meeting the Moment in Healthcare with I9

Meeting the Moment in Healthcare

With all eyes on the healthcare industry, efficient and compliant workforce management is paramount to success. This top regional healthcare network recognized this critical need and turned to Tracker I-9, the state-of-the-art solution.

Tracker I-9 helped them meet the moment and streamline processes within a modern environment – including pre-boarding and onboarding digitally.

Efficiency at Scale:

Discover how Tracker I-9 empowered this healthcare network to streamline their workforce management processes, dramatically reducing paperwork, manual errors, and time-consuming administrative tasks. By centralizing and automating their I-9 compliance procedures, they achieved unparalleled levels of efficiency without compromising accuracy.

They made the switch from a traditional, paper-based approach to digital efficiency and never looked back.

digital healthcare efficiency at scale

“With COVID, the whole dynamic of our world changed because now we’re remote and no longer meeting with people in person. So it became very challenging to train managers on how to properly collect information. We knew we needed an intuitive digital system – and that led us to Tracker I-9.”

– Senior Manager of Employee Services

Seamless Compliance

Tracker I-9 provided this organization with the tools to effortlessly navigate the complex landscape of regulatory requirements. Learn how they eliminated the risk of non-compliance by automating audit trails, alerts, and robust reporting functionalities, ensuring every employee’s immigration status was up-to-date and in full accordance with federal guidelines.

Tracker I-9 make Compliance Seamless
I-9 compliance that enhances employee experience

Enhanced Employee Experience

Explore how leaders enhanced their employees’ onboarding experience by leveraging Tracker I-9’s user-friendly interface and intuitive features. Discover how the solution seamlessly integrated with their existing HR systems, reducing data duplication and providing a hassle-free experience for both administrators and employees.

“It’s so important that you’re partnered with someone that you click with. Our Tracker I-9 account manager is vested in our success, which he doesn’t have to be, right? He could just answer our questions and move on. But he has always been there to help us through things; he’s always open to hearing or answering our questions, very responsive, and gives us that feedback to help us put things into perspective.”

– Senior Manager of Employee Services

Unprecedented Support

Ready to unlock the potential of efficient workforce management in healthcare? Read our comprehensive case study to learn how Tracker I-9 can optimize your organization’s compliance processes, eliminate manual errors, and increase overall operational efficiency.

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