Position yourself for success with optimized IT risk management and stakeholder transparency

Are you prepared to face the evolving landscape of IT risk management? In the years 2023-2025, businesses are at a turning point, with a heightened focus on managing IT risk becoming not just essential but a make-or-break imperative. Regulatory changes, like the SEC’s proposed amendments, are reshaping expectations, making it crucial for organizations to provide comprehensive reporting on cybersecurity incidents and risk management strategies.

Why do you need this IT Risk Technology eBook?

Get the insights, answers, and resources you need to maintain trust and visibility with your stakeholders through a better understanding of:

  • IT risk management 101
  • The current regulatory landscape
  • How to leverage GRC technology, 3 key missions for stakeholder transparency, & more

The convergence of regulatory changes (like the SEC’s proposed cybersecurity amendments), technology advancements, and heightened stakeholder awareness are forcing organizations everywhere to consider: “Am I prepared to answer my board’s questions about our IT risk management?”

This eBook will help you stay one step ahead of those questions in the ever-changing realm of cybersecurity oversight.

Two-thirds of executives consider cybercrime their most significant threat in the coming year.


What you will learn:

Your board is gearing up to play a more active role in understanding and overseeing your IT risk technology. Brace yourself – they’re about to ask more questions than ever before. This eBook is your essential guide to equip yourself with the insights, answers, and resources necessary to maintain trust and visibility with your stakeholders.

IT Risk Management 101

Dive into the diverse world of IT risks, from cyberattacks to system failures. Discover why recognizing the importance of IT risk management is not just a compliance necessity but a strategic imperative, as two-thirds of executives identify cybercrime as their most significant threat in the coming year.

Key challenges in IT risk management

Explore the challenges organizations face in managing IT risk, from limited cyber capabilities to the pressure of regulatory reporting. Gain valuable insights from PWC’s survey on how executives prioritize best practices to mitigate the rise in ransomware attacks.

Safeguarding Customer Trust

Background screening provides peace of mind to customers, assuring them that the company takes their safety seriously and operates with integrity.

Improving Employee Quality

Effective background screening allows companies to attract and hire qualified candidates, leading to a more skilled and trustworthy workforce.

The Regulatory Landscape

Understand the crucial role of navigating regulatory requirements in effective IT risk management.

See it in action with a use case

Delve into the SEC’s cyber disclosure rule and learn how it impacts reporting material incidents and disclosing cybersecurity risk management annually.

A tip from the experts:
Did you know that 45% of security and IT execs expect a further rise in ransomware attacks?

Why wait get the insights you need to make informed IT risk technology decisions.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to confidently address your board’s inquiries and stay ahead in the ever-changing realm of cybersecurity oversight. But most importantly, look for specific value drivers to find the right solution for your organization. Remember, GRC doesn’t have to be hard!

Gain insights into the convergence of regulatory changes, technological advancements, and heightened stakeholder awareness. Understand how anticipating board inquiries and implementing powerful communication tools can not only help you navigate the current landscape but thrive in the evolving world of IT risk technology.

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