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Unlock global success: your guide to TPRM and extended enterprise risk management

Risk is no longer bound to your headquarters.
It’s one thing to achieve, monitor, and report on compliance within your organization, but to elevate that success to a larger scale, you’ll need better visibility and control across your full value chain.

This infographic will help you keep your vendors, partners, and other third parties compliant with your internal policies and procedures — especially as your ecosystem grows.

Download the infographic to get a better understanding of:

  • Which geographic regulations you need to keep an eye on heading into 2024 
  • Which related parties you need to extend internal policies and procedures to in order to ensure they’re compliant as well
  • Top industry statistics and figures surrounding cyber threats, ESG, Generative AI, and more
Regulations without borders: the importance of TPRM and extended enterprise risk management as your global network grows

Why do you need this infographic?

Navigate the regulatory maze

Regulations are no longer confined to your immediate location. Discover the critical importance of TPRM in ensuring compliance with regulations in every region where your business operates. Learn how overlooking these intricacies could lead to substantial fines and reputational damage, using real-world examples (like the German Supply Chain Act).

A closer look at the 2024 landscape

Gain exclusive insights into the imminent risks that transcend borders in 2024. Delve into the escalating threat of cyber breaches, the pivotal role of TPRM in aligning with ESG strategies, and the emerging challenges and opportunities presented by Generative AI.

Demystify extended enterprise risk

Uncover strategies to categorize vendors based on risk potential, establish tailored controls, and maintain close relationships with high-risk partners.

Proactive risk management

Learn actionable strategies to keep your organization secure in the face of cyber threats, align with ESG strategies globally, and navigate the complexities of integrating Generative AI responsibly.

“It’s no longer important where your headquarters are, but where you operate your business.”
— Claudia Howe, Executive Director of GRC Solutions,


What you will learn:

Strategic tiering process

Get a closer look at what it means to “do extended enterprise well”, including best practices like strategic tiering process and a retirement plan.

Vendor relationship cadence

Vendor relationship cadence: explore the importance of establishing a cadence for vendor relationships, ensuring regular check-ins, and proactive risk mitigation.

ESG compliance

Understand how TPRM plays a pivotal role in aligning your business with the increasing importance of ESG strategies. Complying with ESG reporting provisions is not just a regulatory requirement—it’s a key driver of sustainable business success.

Generative AI best practices

Delve into the world of Generative AI with confidence. Learn the best practices for driving compliance, including responsible data handling, content origin disclosure, provider evaluation, risk assessments, and stakeholder education.

Your roadmap to global compliance. .

It feels like a new regulation comes out every day — and the scope of these regulations has also grown as our networks have. Businesses went from on-site server rooms to third parties, cloud providers, etc, but outsourcing services does not outsource the risk.

As your network grows, you are responsible for ensuring your vendors, partners, and other third parties are complying with your internal policies and procedures. And to add yet another layer of complexity, you’ll need to make sure you are complying with every regulation that impacts a region where you have a certain number of employees.

Discover the three risk categories to keep an eye out for in 2024 (and best practices for navigating them).

Risk is no longer bound to your headquarters

Unlock the secrets to successful TPRM and extended enterprise risk management. Download our infographic now and embark on a journey toward global success. Your compliance journey starts here.


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