Mitratech’s Latest Release Enhances TeamConnect’s Best-in-Class Secure Access and Collaboration

TeamConnect includes granular control over data access that is easily self-administrated – expanding team collaboration while improving corporate agility.

AUSTIN, Texas, May 17, 2016 – Mitratech, the leading provider of enterprise legal management solutions (ELM), released the latest version of TeamConnect, which now includes the most granular security control of any product on the market. Permission-based enhancements provide our clients with the best-in-market end user security, and expanded matter collaboration; fields can be controlled to fit regulations and legal department best practices. Where other legal management systems attempt to enforce data security through inflexible software customizations, TeamConnect delivers the capability through straightforward administrative controls.

“With the constant pressure to protect data and the increasing regulation, organizations have complex and evolving security requirements. With this release, we provide a solution that allows our clients to react quickly to changes in both the legal and regulatory environments. TeamConnect enables secure collaboration across legal teams both domestically and across borders, as our clients expand legal operations internationally,” said Mitratech’s CEO Jason Parkman.

Enhancements in this latest TeamConnect release include:

  • Security – More control over users’ access to data fields, and automatic enforcement of field level rights, simplifying the centralization of security management.
  • Flexibility – Administrators are able to have granular control over field permissions that is easy to self-adjust as data security policies and regulations continue to evolve.
  • Usability – Key screens have been redesigned for clearer, more efficient rights management as well as increasing user adoption and satisfaction by only showing fields relevant to users.

With the latest TeamConnect release, Mitratech clients are also able to take advantage of Mitratech’s Upgrades Included Program, a free set of upgrade services first introduced to clients with the release of TeamConnect 4.0 last summer. This program significantly lowers the total cost of ownership for TeamConnect clients. As the highest rated ELM platform in the industry, TeamConnect uniquely delivers powerful functionality and flexibility desired by complex legal departments while still being straightforward to implement, maintain, and upgrade.

About Mitratech

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