A detailed look into Mitratech’s 16 ESG Megatrends and all 95 sub-trends.

Most ESG analysis is based on identifying so-called Megatrends. These describe development that is set to significantly influence the risk exposure of an affected asset.

At Mitratech, we have created an ESG Risk Framework consisting of 16 ESG Megatrends, based on our own in-house expertise and research from various ESG expert sources. These Megatrends have been further broken down into 95 additional sub-trends, which contain more than 300 individual data points. This brand new content, along with Mitratech’s powerful risk analytics and assessments features, is designed to deliver cutting-edge ESG Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) capability across your enterprise.

Dive into our brochure to uncover mapped ESG Frameworks:
  • United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  • Sustainability Accounting Standards Board
  • EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy

A Glance At The GRC Platform of the Future

Learn how you can leverage a single SaaS platform for your entire GRC requirements.