What if legal could be a resource rather than a roadblock when it comes to contracts, approvals, and more?

Checklist 6 Ways Legal Can Accelerate Sales Deals with Workflow Automation

You Can’t Trade Compliance for a Quicker Turnover – but What if You Didn’t Have to?

Closing deals quickly is the name of the game (especially in today’s market), but it’s no secret that the legal department has historically been seen as a roadblock when it comes to finalizing contracts.
Introducing workflow automation — a game-changer in the legal arsenal of tools that allows legal departments to:

  • Streamline manual steps (like document creation, review, revisions, approvals, etc.)
  • Enhance collaboration and enable self-service
  • Propel sales forward in 6 key ways with automation

Let’s delve into how legal automation can revolutionize your sales process and drive business growth.

Streamline Manual Processes for Accelerated Sales Deals

Sales deals often involve numerous manual steps, from document creation to review, revisions, and approvals. These processes can be time-consuming and prone to errors, causing delays in closing deals. However, with workflow automation, legal teams can streamline these manual tasks, allowing sales representatives to focus on what they do best — selling.

By automating document creation, review, and approval processes, workflow automation reduces turnaround time, enabling sales teams to respond promptly to customer demands. This not only accelerates the sales cycle but also enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Legal automations to Accelerated Sales Deals

The truth is, in our shifting market, growth in the legal ops realm is no longer just about expanding headcounts or acquiring more office space; it’s an opportunity to be truly strategic.

Don’t Sacrifice Compliance for Faster Deals – Achieve Both

Download the guide a closer look at 6 ways legal can lead the way with automation.

Rapid NDA and agreement generation
Rapid NDA and agreement generation

Explore how accelerated NDA and agreement generation can instill confidence in prospects by showcasing organizational agility and responsiveness.

Templatize and customize
Templatize and customize

Learn about templatizing and customizing documents, ensuring accuracy and compliance in every contract.

Enable self-service
Enable self-service

Understand how self-service options empower sales teams to initiate workflows without direct engagement with legal, speeding up the process.

Legal Compliance assurance
Compliance assurance

Discover how automation tools embed compliance checks directly into workflows, ensuring adherence to internal procedures and regulatory requirements

Legal Data-driven insights
Data-driven insights

Explore how automation provides valuable data on the contract lifecycle, enabling continuous refinement of processes and resource allocation.

Real-time tracking and notifications
Real-time tracking and notifications

Learn about real-time tracking and notifications, enabling stakeholders to stay informed about the status of contracts and take necessary actions promptly.

Empower Legal Ops Teams

Empower Your Legal Operations Team for Lasting Results.

The legal operations team is at the heart of your legal department’s efficiency and effectiveness. With the exponential rise in workloads and data, coupled with the imperative to adapt swiftly to organizational needs, the role of legal operations has never been more critical.

By downloading the checklist, you equip your team with the insights and tools necessary to navigate burgeoning workloads, tackle inordinate amounts of data, and seamlessly adapt to the changing needs of your organization.

When the contract lifecycle moves faster (with fewer errors), sales teams can do what they do best: close deals.

Download the Guide

Why Download the Checklist?

Staying ahead requires more than just keeping up—it demands strategic foresight, agility, and a commitment to excellence. Our checklist serves as your compass, guiding your legal operations Team towards success amidst the evolving complexities of the legal industry.

Streamline Legal with automation
Elevate Legal’s Role as a Strategic Business Partner 

Learn how legal can shift from being viewed as a roadblock to becoming a valuable resource in sales deals.

Speed Up Deal Closures

Discover how workflow automation can expedite the contract process, crucial in today’s fast-paced market.

Streamline Manual Tasks

Understand how automation tools can streamline manual steps like document creation, review, and approvals, enhancing efficiency.

Seamless Collaboration

Understand how automation promotes seamless collaboration between legal and sales teams, fostering trust and synergy across departments.

Proactive Legal Support

Discover how legal teams can proactively drive deals forward by eliminating bottlenecks and automating compliance, ultimately benefiting the entire organization.

Time and Cost Savings

Explore how drag-and-drop legal workflows can save time and money for the legal department, enhancing overall efficiency.

Seamless Legal automation
Legal automation empowers

Propel Sales Forward with Data-Driven Insights and Compliance Assurance

Understand the critical role of compliance in today’s highly regulated business environment. Discover how workflow automation ensures compliance by embedding knowledge and compliance checks into the workflow. Explore the benefits of automation in providing valuable data insights into the contract lifecycle, enabling continuous process refinement and resource allocation.

Legal automation empowers sales teams to close deals faster and more efficiently.

Discover how workflow automation can revolutionize your sales process and drive business growth. Download our checklist today to say goodbye to bottlenecks and hello to accelerated sales deals with legal automation.

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