Get TAP’s Templates for COVID-19 Rapid Response

To help companies manage operational challenges created by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and its impact on travel and employee health concerns, Mitratech has created Rapid Response workflow templates that are available to download for all TAP customers.

The templates are pre-built but completely customizable – allowing you to edit and add your company-specific requirements.

They include:

  • COVID-19 Vaccine and Testing Portal – With this automated workflow for COVID Tracking Management, you’re able to track your employees’ status through their HR/payroll systems so that anytime an employee updates information or completes a procedure, the program is updated automatically.
  • Return to Office & On-Site Approvals – Provide screening and contact-tracing forms to guests visiting on-site. Confirm vaccination or test status, masking/distance requirements, and contact information to keep guests and employees safe.
  • Remote Work Tracker – Deliver a quickly deployable workflow that helps HR managers track the status of employees who are working remotely, and their health/travel status, and their close contacts.
  • Request for Business-Critical Travel – Create a corporation-wide workflow that can be quickly deployed to manage travel requests.
  • Law Firm & Case Continuity Trackers – Companies need to make quick transitions during this time, so it’s important to make sure your outside legal firms can still perform their jobs and maintain business as usual. Ensure outstanding cases are not in jeopardy and that work toward their completion is still in progress.

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