Reimagining Firm & Panel Management

Mitratech’s AdvanceLaw service simplifies and streamlines outside counsel selection and panel management. By leveraging performance, cost, and DEI data, we hand-pick the best counsel for you from a curated ​global network of over 10,000 top lawyers, bringing together real-life performance data from peer GCs and highly-motivated lawyers with an incentive to overperform for our preferred clients.

AdvanceLaw has established firm-counsel partnerships across these practice areas:

  • Complex Litigation and Class Action 
  • Employment Litigation and Counseling 
  • Geistiges Eigentum 
  • Contracts
  • M&A 
  • Real Estate 
  • Bankruptcy 
  • And Local Litigation
Law Services - Firm & Panel Management
Launch-Firm & Panel Management

  • Input from 300 GCs​
  • Bias to AmLaw 50 – 200 firms and lower-cost hubs​
  • Preferred rates​

  • Fast, white-glove service for in-house lawyers​
  • Stars only/poor performers removed from the system​

  • Top performance is a path to more business​
  • Maximum hustle, top associates, etc.

  • ​Exec Committee monitors work​
  • Performance affects firm’s track record​
  • Change management support & relationship building

AdvanceLaw carefully vets a small selection of top-quality law firms that can offer our GC top talent, innovation, diversity, and value.

If you believe your firm would be a strong fit for our model, please get in touch with our team.

AdvanceLaw Digital is your go-to marketplace for self-service outside counsel selection.

AdvanceLaw Digital facilitates direct, on-demand access to hundreds of featured lawyers in our network, enabling you to quickly find the most qualified fit for your legal needs across practice areas, sectors, and geographies.

You can filter, sort, and select outside counsel based on location, practice area, specialty, DEI requirements, and peer GC reviews.

Powered by your peers.

AdvanceLaw Digital is more than a google search; it’s powered by AdvanceLaw’s years of firm performance data and real GC performance reviews. The service is complementary to the existing AdvanceLaw General Counsel.

The Market’s Leading Partner for All of Your Legal Needs

Mitratech’s end-to-end Corporate Legal, HR Compliance, and Risk & Compliance solution suite enables your in-house counsel to mitigate risk and manage matters across your entire organization. The strategic addition of AdvanceLaw adds managing outside counsel relationships and spend as a supplementary service to streamline all your legal department’s needs.

See Why AdvanceLaw is the Go-To GC Partner for Curated, Cost-Effective Counsel Selection & Firm Management Services

Superior Search

Find star lawyers in new regions or practice areas from a curated network of 10,000+ lawyers across 44 U.S. states and 76 countries.​

Customized Selection

Filter your selection process by diversity and inclusion metrics, innovation, performance, time-to-value, and more.

KPI Reporting

Track and manage data relating to law firm performance and cost, including legal spend analytics.

Enhanced Performance

Recognize emerging talent in areas where current counsel is underperforming, ​motivating every lawyer to go the extra mile for their clients.

Results-Based Progress

Establish or refresh results-based law firm panels to support a more vibrant, transparent, and meritocratic legal market.

Advanced Data-Sharing

Gather with a community to discuss and take action on key leadership and legal market issues, including ESG, diversity and inclusion in the law, and in-house lawyer development.

Entdecken Sie eine bewährte Suite von Rechtstechnologie-Lösungen



Die am weitesten verbreitete End-to-End-ELM-Plattform, auf die sich die weltweit führenden Rechtsabteilungen bei der Verwaltung der wichtigsten juristischen Prozesse und Abläufe verlassen.


TAP Workflow-Automatisierung

Mit TAP können Sie nahezu jeden sich wiederholenden manuellen Prozess automatisieren, so dass Sie sich auf das Wesentliche konzentrieren können: die Arbeit zu erledigen, anstatt sich mit Workflows herumzuschlagen.


Acuity ELM

Die SaaS-Lösung für die Verwaltung von Rechtsangelegenheiten, die integrierte Verwaltung von Rechtsangelegenheiten, elektronische Rechnungsstellung, Tools für die Zusammenarbeit mit externen Anwälten und Berichterstattung für kleine und mittelgroße Rechtsteams bietet.



The leading e-billing solution for law firms seeking to optimize invoice processing and build better client relationships.

Complimentary AdvanceLaw Memberships

We offer complimentary memberships to General Counsel who are passionate about our model and want to engage our network of highly-motivated outside counsel.

Please contact us to explore whether your legal team is a good fit.