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Just as the corporate balance sheet serves as a standard metric, we envision data intelligence fueling innovation across our product ecosystem. 

PlatoBI, Mitratech’s unified analytics program, addresses the demand for richer analytics and quicker decision-making while also setting the stage for a paradigm shift toward Business Innovation and improved problem-solving.

With new applications and use cases across the full Mitratech suite — like PlatoBI Legal Spend Dashboard in Managed Bill Review,  PlatoBI DataShare in Mitratech’s Enterprise Risk Management Platform, and more to come — you can get started today (and scale tomorrow). Begin with an exploration of key features and functionalities like: 

  • Real-time access and updates across databases 
  • Holistic data insights and a deeper understanding of enterprise risk 
  • A zero-copy data strategy to help you stay compliant and secure 
  • Integrate effortlessly (and at scale) across your organization 

Seamlessly integrate, analyze, and collaborate like never before, unlocking the true potential of your business strategy and innovation with a new Business Intelligence Analyst and Analytics Platform, interactive widgets, and a variety of dynamic dashboards driven by leading-edge algorithms and prescriptive insights.

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“They (the Mitratech team) listen to the client and they’re nimble
and consistent across every project.”

Connie Brenton, Chief of Staff /Director of Legal Operations, NetApp

About Mitratech

About Mitratech

For over 30 years, the experts at Mitratech have been focused on solving the complex needs of legal departments and risk & compliance professionals – and building their success. Today, we serve 20,000 client companies of all sizes globally, representing 30% of the Fortune 500 and over 500,000 users in over 160 countries.

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