Streamline Your Performance Management Process With Trakstar.


Define Your Organization’s Goals

Work with your team to establish what you want to achieve as an organization.


Create Custom Performance Review Templates

Design review templates that fit your organizational culture and values.


Engage Your Team

Conduct regular reviews with your team members to ensure everyone is on track.

Performance Management Software


Create a culture of performance with Trakstar Perform – the best performance management software that helps you connect with your team and align around organizational goals.

Performance Tracking

With Trakstar Perform, you can track the performance of individuals and teams over time. This makes it easy to identify areas of improvement and identify top performers.

Continuous Feedback

Trakstar Perform ensures that everyone is on the same page by providing real-time feedback. This way, you can course correct as needed and avoid any surprises coming from performance review time.

Employee Engagement

Keep your top performers engaged and identify areas for improvement within your organization using pulse surveys, manager check-ins, and polls.

Automated Reminders

Send automatic reminders to managers and employees when it is time for them to complete a performance review. We integrate with today’s top communication tools!

360 Reviews

Get a complete view of your employees using 360-degree feedback from other employees within the organization.

Goal Tracking & Setting

Ensure employees know what is expected of them within their roles. Set goals, lay a pathway to reach those goals, and then track success.

Trakstar was designed with you in mind: it’s simple to use and affordable. Track your employees’ performance with Trakstar’s Performance Management System.

HR professionals love Trakstar for seamless, integrated performance management

Stay in tune with your team and your organization. We’ll help you set goals, track progress, and keep everyone engaged in organizational success.


Performance management is a systematic approach to improving employee performance by setting goals and objectives, providing feedback, and creating development plans. Trakstar Perform provides a comprehensive platform to help HR leaders establish effective performance management systems. It offers features such as goal setting, feedback review, rating accuracy tools, analytics dashboards and more to help you track employees’ progress and keep them motivated.

A performance management system is designed to help HR leaders measure and improve employee performance. It creates a structured process for setting goals, tracking progress, providing feedback and conducting reviews. Using Trakstar Perform, you can create custom performance plans for each of your employees that are tailored to their individual needs. You can also track progress and give relevant feedback in real-time, giving your employees the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Trakstar Perform offers a suite of features to help HR leaders streamline their team’s performance management and drive growth in the workplace. Our key features include 360-degree feedback, automated alerts and reminders for employees, goal tracking and analytics, competency assessment, employee recognition tools, performance reviews, action plans, and more. With Trakstar Perform you can create an end-to-end performance management system that is tailored to your organization’s needs.

Performance Management

Let’s Make Performance Management Better and Strengthen Your Workforce.

Culture, alignment, and standardization across your departments and team makes for a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce. Jumpstart your workforce today.


Empowered Employee Development For The Full Employee Lifecycle

Trakstar’s talent management software was designed to elevate employee performance, engagement, and development. With a comprehensive suite of tools, Trakstar empowers businesses to streamline their performance review processes, foster continuous improvement, and align individual goals with strategic objectives.


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Streamline your hiring process, from sourcing top talent to making data-driven decisions, with Trakstar Hire. Simplify your recruitment journey and build the dream team your business deserves.



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Unlock a world of growth with our intuitive onboarding and training platform. Elevate skills, foster innovation, and cultivate a culture of lifelong learning. Seamlessly train, develop, and inspire your workforce with Trakstar Learn.


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