Train Smarter, Perform Better with Our Learning Management System


Build your learning path

Our simple user interface helps you create impactful, beautiful courses that deliver your training materials.


Assign courses

Automatically enroll entire departments or teams, your entire workforce, or individuals in training courses with the click of a mouse.


Analyze your results

See how courses impact employee performance using our built-in analytics database.

A modern, comprehensive LMS ensures learners are equipped with the skills they need to succeed.

Build better learning programs, training systems, onboarding content, or upskilling material.


Features of our Learning Management System

Trakstar Learn has been designed specifically for HR leaders, with all the features and functionality you need to build an effective training system.

Learning Management

Easily deliver online courses, update modules, create new materials, and measure results.

Course Creation

Make institutional knowledge accessible to anyone from anywhere by enabling them to create, take, and update courses.

Auto Enroll

By clicking a button, you can automatically enroll your entire workforce in training or break it down by department, role, or tenure.


Courses, assessments, and reporting can automate onboarding and help new hires move at their own pace.


Employees can learn new skills from anywhere, anytime, with self-driven courses.


Report on course completions, test scores, and timing to connect training with organizational success.

Elevate Your Onboarding & Training Programs With Trakstar Learn.

Culture, alignment, and standardization across your departments and team make for a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce. Jumpstart your workforce today.


A learning management system (LMS) is an essential tool to help HR leaders manage, track and deliver digital training modules and courses. Trakstar’s LMS makes it easy for HR leaders to store important employee information, assign curriculum and objectives to employees, review and approve performance goals, track progress, provide feedback and recognize achievements. With our comprehensive LMS you can easily create a successful learning strategy in order to maximize your team’s performance.

Absolutely! Learning management systems have become increasingly popular and effective as a way to streamline training and development for businesses of all sizes. Trakstar Learn is designed to provide HR leaders with an easy-to-use, intuitive system that simplifies the process of creating, managing, and tracking learning programs. With our platform you can assign courses to employees, assess their performance, and generate detailed reports for analysis.

Trakstar Hire provides a wide range of features to enhance the recruitment process, such as an applicant tracking system, customizable job postings, candidate sourcing and management tools, automated interview scheduling, and reporting and analytics. With these features, recruiters can quickly source resumes from social media channels and making faster hiring decisions. Additionally, Trakstar Hire provides instant notifications when a new application is submitted or when someone has been selected for the next stage of the recruiting process.


Empowered Employee Development For The Full Employee Lifecycle

Trakstar’s talent management software was designed to elevate employee performance, engagement, and development. With a comprehensive suite of tools, Trakstar empowers businesses to streamline their performance review processes, foster continuous improvement, and align individual goals with strategic objectives.


Trakstar Hire

Streamline your hiring process, from sourcing top talent to making data-driven decisions, with Trakstar Hire. Simplify your recruitment journey and build the dream team your business deserves.



Trakstar Perform

Streamline reviews, set and track goals, and inspire excellence across your organization. Experience a new era of data-driven insights and employee engagement with Trakstar Perform.


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