11 Great Reasons Acuity and Mitratech Are a Perfect Fit

When two leading Enterprise Legal Management software providers combine forces, what makes it a win-win for legal departments and other users?

According to Kelley Johnston, former President/CEO and a Director of Acuity ELM, who now sits on Mitratech’s Advisory Board, the reasons run the gamut – from delivering better client service to more canine considerations.

Here, in her words, are the factors that make it a great match. Then check out of video of her and Mike Williams, Mitratech’s CEO, as they dig into even more details.

It was a lot like speed dating; we saw an immediate synergy.

“Obviously, Mitratech and Acuity are in the same space, serving legal teams through ELM, so we both know our customers, and know the space well; we’ve both been in it since the 1990s. So when Acuity’s leadership started talking about becoming part of the Mitratech portfolio, we already had a lot of common ground. No uncomfortable pauses, in other words.”

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We share values.

“What I love about Mitratech is their value system; they promote transparency, a standard Acuity has honored from our start. We also both focus heavily on client satisfaction and retention, and how listening to the client informs our value system.”

The Mitratech portfolio provides one-stop shopping for those considering ELM

“Acuity hosts a broad spectrum of clients; our small clients are just as important as our big ones.  Our SaaS product is easy to turn on, so clients have a great path to grow, and we’re perfectly aligned to grow with them.  Since we’ve become part of their solution set, Mitratech can now literally serve ELM clients of all sizes. And the Mitratech portfolio provides significant additional legal and GRC technology tools not previously offered by Acuity – tools that Acuity clients and prospects can take immediate advantage of.”

Our differences complement each other, especially right now.

“TeamConnect tends to be client-server software, to meet high-level requirements.  Acuity ELM is positioned to be a fast turn on, to help those who don’t know exactly what they want, but know they need something.  With the challenges presented by COVID-19, companies of all sizes are requiring their staff to work remotely, so having a secure and stable electronic hub they can log into remotely is significant.”

We both innovate around client/user need.

“As a former lawyer, I was able to contribute to client-centric product innovation. It was always about understanding what the user needs, and that’s in the DNA of Mitratech and TeamConnect, too.  Their focus on co-innovation with clients really appealed to us. I’m also excited to watch the growing synergy between our respective tech teams. With so much combined history and experience between the two teams, it’ll be fun to see what they can come up with!”

Partnership with clients is primary.

“Partnership with clients to understand their pain points and guide our product roadmap in the right direction has been a big part of our business.  Having 15-20 years of experience with clients led to us building a solution based on client feedback. Mitratech shares that track record.”

We empower them to use their data productively.

“One thing we’ve heard consistently from prospects, before they’d adopted Acuity ELM, was their inability to access legal data easily, their frustration in not being able to leverage that data in decision making.  So we designed our solution to focus on streamlined reporting and what we call ‘outcome-focused analytics’ so clients can gain insights in very nearly real-time.  We’ve focused on embedded analytics to show them ideas on how to use their data to tell a story. Again, it sounds like a broken record, but that’s a big part of the value Mitratech delivers as well.”

We each elevate ease of use and consultative support.

“Additional feedback we hear from clients is the overwhelming complexity that other platforms can present.  We specialized in easy-to-adopt SaaS ELM and provided a consultative aspect as well, because we’re able to make specific, experience-based recommendations about how to set their solution up.  That’s been a key to Mitratech’s frankly amazing track record in retention and client satisfaction, too.”

We both put support ahead of upselling.

“Acuity’s sales and support teams handhold a client through the implementation process and beyond, and avoid the hard sell.  As a result, we get frequent feedback on how our staff is “so easy to work with.” Mitratech gets the same kind of reviews from its base, almost verbatim.  Client references for both companies are stellar because we’ve got happy clients.  And in Acuity’s case when it comes to insurance and healthcare clients who can be complex and demanding, once they’ve locked in on a solution that works, they’re extremely loyal.”

We’re opening up some awesome integrations.

“TAP, Mitratech’s workflow automation tool, combined with Acuity ELM will make an exciting integration; I can’t wait to see what happens there. And the Acuity platform in Mitratech’s hands is doubling down on “outcome-focused analytics” to address the frustrations users of other platforms have in their inability to access their data in a usable way.”

We all love dogs.

“One of the things we miss most about working remotely?  Dog Day. What else can we say?”

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