Ebilling systems that are all-in-one and one-of-a-kind

For growing legal departments, Acuity ELM Essentials is the best-in-class, peer-proven SaaS enterprise legal management solution that provides a transformative suite of e-billing systems and matter management tools. With Acuity’s features, you can reduce spend, increase productivity, leverage top-shelf analytics, and improve spend outcomes for legal operations and claims litigation teams.

Right-sized ELM Management Platform for you today and tomorrow

Acuity ELM Essentials is a central software hub for legal operations and legal claims management for small to mid-sized organizations seeking an easy-to-use, quick-to-implement e-billing system solution – one that’s been validated by two decades of proven performance. Better yet? Acuity ELM Essentials and management solutions are designed to scale with you as you grow.

Where can you use Acuity ELM Essentials Management?

Legal Operations

Acuity ELM Essentials as an e-billing system provides Legal Ops teams smarter solutions to help manage budgets, costs, create increased efficiencies, and outside counsel spend and engagement.

We’re leading the field for growing Legal Ops teams with transformative analytics and reporting capabilities. First-time users can expect up to 30% ROI.

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E-billing System for Claims Defense

We’re partnering with some of the largest claims departments in the country, developing solutions to manage and streamline their workflows, reduce their legal spend, improve their collaboration with outside counsel, and produce more favorable outcomes.

Over 40% of our ELM Management clients are claims processors, so we know what they need to manage invoices, collaborate on claims, budget outside counsel, and report and analyze key metrics.

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Mass Tort ELM Management

Acuity ELM’s Mass Tort Manager is a first-of-its-kind e-Billing system, claims management, and reporting software solution designed to address the advanced workflow complexities faced by legal teams that coordinate and administer mass tort defense strategies.

Our exclusive Batch Processing Technology (BPT) allows coordinating counsel to easily toggle between macro-level review and analysis of claim portfolios and spend and micro-level audit of firms and invoices. Plus other features providing you with oversight of the entire mass tort claim lifecycle.

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Run your own numbers to see how Essentials pays off

Benefit Type

Improvement (%)


Benefit ($K)

Outside Legal Spend

6% Reduction in Legal Spend

$16 Million in outside spend


Operational Efficiencies

6% Improvement in productivity

20 attorneys * fully burdened cost


19 paralegal & admin * fully burdened cost


Your total annual savings:


How will you benefit?

By providing a single source of truth across multiple practice areas (or even the entire enterprise), Acuity ELM Essentials lets you make data-driven decisions and reach KPIs that create real long-term value. Where will you see the results?

Artboard 3 copy 9@2x

Matter Management

Organize, track, and associate all the information related to a case or claim. Establish coordinated and consistent legal strategies by building on best practices.

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Optimized e-Billing

Manage your spend with powerful e-Billing features. Automate and enforce billing rules, reduce unnecessary legal costs, and improve communication and transparency.  Billing errors are corrected before an invoice even reaches the legal department, saving up to 5% annually.

Artboard 3 copy 11@2x

Analytics & Reporting

Get the quantitative answers you need to shape your legal strategy, support your recommendations, and operate as a true business partner for your organization.

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Fast & Easy Launch

We optimize onboarding time with tools and templates to speed up your go-live to as little as two weeks, and continue with intuitive, modern client support, creating an unparalleled user experience.

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Harness the power of your entire team, whether onsite or remote, and improve the quality of your legal strategy. Connect Acuity through Outlook, shared documents, site-wide witness and party databases, and via accounts payable and HR systems.

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Perception & Reputation

With the new responsiveness, productivity, and efficiency of Essentials, legal and/or claims management teams are perceived as leaders in innovation and excellence, and become partners and leaders for the entire organization.

What do our users say?

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