CCPA Vendor Onboarding

Vendor compliance is a critical component of security and privacy compliance. TAP Workflow Automation can seamlessly integrate sourcing and procurement activities with security and privacy review to ensure Privacy-By-Design.


Design and launch online forms and workflows for vendors to easily complete to streamline onboarding and ensure compliance with any and all data privacy regulations.


  • Design and launch an easy to use vendor onboarding form that tracks, triages, and automates vendor onboarding requests.
  • Workflows and forms can be easily created in TAP drag-and-drop UI, specifying routing, stakeholders and notifications at every stage.
  • Ensure that your company’s data governance standards are applied throughout the requests, from initial screening through audit trail capabilities.
  • Workflows can be modified or updated on the fly, a crucial factor in staying compliant with ever-evolving rules and regulations.


  • Using a single database and environment brings standardization and centralization, with ready-made security and compliance.
  • Documents and files that are relevant to each collaboration are centralized in one repository, not scattered with poor version control.
  • All collaborators involved at the correct time and in authoritative sequence.
  • Processes repeat correctly every time, in standardized way, no matter how complicated.
  • Far higher security for sensitive processes that cross-organizational lines.
  • Central dashboard provides superior monitoring and governance of all sourcing processes.