How Workflow Automation accelerates an enterprise

By cutting time, costs, and errors

Workflow automation replaces manual processes with flexible, repeatable ones that are far faster and more cost-effective – and less prone to human error.

“Today, clients want more than just great lawyering. They expect their outside counsel to invest in the tools of technology to support efficiency, quality and consistency.”Justin HectusCIO/CISO, Keesal, Young & Logan

Justin Hectus, CIO/CISO, Keesal, Young & Logan

95% faster

A process can be up to 20X faster with process automation, yet with far fewer errors.

Connie Brenton, Chief of Staff/Director of Legal Operations, NetApp

27,000 hrs

Saved per year via process automation of a task taking 50 hours to execute manually 50 times/month.

With nearly instant ROI

With an easy-to-adopt, easy-to-use SaaS workflow automation solution, you’ll see improvements in collaboration, productivity, and efficiency almost immediately.

“The minute we started using it, we found it was incredibly easy to implement, inexpensive, and with a high ROI.”Connie BrentonSenior Director of Legal Operations, NetApp

Agility and flexibility

Agility and flexibility

Designing, launching, revamping and optimizing processes is simple and quick if a process automation platform uses an intuitive UI/UX.

Quick ROI

Optimize efficiency & ROI

The right solution will help you quickly and easily slash costs, reduce errors, accelerate processes – and then fine-tune them for maximum results.



A good SaaS process automation solution scales quickly and economically to meet growth and diversification needs or sudden demand spikes.

Centralize documents & access

Centralize documents & access

Process automation can make documents and assets accessible from across the entire department or enterprise, from any device.

Improve security & compliance

Improve security & compliance

Serious risk is seriously avoidable as you monitor all processes for compliance, archive workflows, and leverage built-in security features.

Drive teamwork and morale

Drive teamwork and morale

Remove barriers to collaboration across teams and departments and make employees feel more valued as they focus on high-value work.

Easy steps in SaaS workflow automation

A best-in-class SaaS workflow automation solution will be designed from the ground up for quick and easy adoption. So you can begin automating even complex processes ASAP.

Simple drag-and-drop tools let you design “smart” online forms and documents, or import and digitize your own forms.

Intuitive interfaces empower building even complex processes without ever calling in IT, since there’s little or no coding needed.

In just hours or days, a good SaaS tool allows you to publish an automated process – not months or more.

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Onsite Visit Request Approval

Manage and assess requests from employees and contractors to access the office for various purposes.

Self-Reporting Risk Assessment

Quickly deploy a workflow allowing remote employees to report their health and COVID-19 risk status.

Remote Work Tracker

Review WFH requests, track week-to-week status, and any infectious disease issues precluding their being on...

Request for Business-Critical Travel

Quickly deploy a workflow allowing you to filter and respond to employee travel requests.

Vacation / Disability Leave Requests

Develop an automated workflow to manage the process of reviewing vacation or sick leave requests.

New Independent Contractor Agreements

Create a workflow for HR to review and process requests for new independent contractors.

Stock Management & Supply Orders

Enable SMBs to track and order inventories and supplies.

Sourcing Requests

Build automated workflows for managing a variety of RFX processes.

Service Catalog Requests

Automate the processes for creating service catalog workflows to drive catalog request fulfillment.

Restricted Commodities Orders

Automate processes for orders for Restricted Commodities such as chemicals, toxins and other regulated comm...

Request To Ship

Create a workflow used to submit new requests to ship parts/packages/shipments to different company offices.

Purchase Requisitions

Develop an automated workflow for processing purchase requisitions.

Value-Added Tax (VAT) Return Submission

Develop a workflow for European Union users to calculate VAT tax obligations.

Claims Reimbursement

Automate employee insurance reimbursement claims forms and processes.

Employee Tax Return Paperwork

Automate workflows for processing employee tax return forms and paperwork.

Investment Form

Devise a workflow used to submit and process potential new investment opportunities of varying types and va...

CapEx Requests

Develop a workflow to handle capital expenditure requests.

Shareholder Agreement

Developing a shareholder request and approval process capable of dealing with multiple shareholder types.

QBR Scheduling

Automate the process of initiating and scheduling quarterly business review meetings (QBRs) with customers.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Create workflows for automatically conducting customer satisfaction surveys to support sales and retention.

New Demo Requests

Automate the process of capturing and scheduling requests for product or service demos.

Marketing Portal

Design workflows to support a central marketing portal where users can go to create and obtain advertising ...

Advertising Fund Requests

Build a workflow enterprises can use to manage requests for funds or budget adjustments for advertising cam...

Gifts & Entertainment Reimbursement

Workflow for processing requests for gifts and entertainment reimbursements for expenses incurred (e.g. tak...

Data Review & Decision Alerts

Develop an agile workflow triggered by specific data monitoring conditions or events.

Hardware & Software Requests

Draft a process for managing requests for hardware or software, and allow those requests and items to be tr...

New Technology Projects

Create a workflow or set of coordinated workflows to efficiently manage development of new technology proje...

Technical Support/Service Requests

Devise an workflow for efficiently logging, fulfilling and reporting requests for technical support or serv...

New User Onboarding

Develop a workflow to streamline the setup of a new employee (or other user) for enterprise IT services.

Software Access Requests

Design a workflow for managing requests for access to an organization’s software platforms or databases.

High Volume Transactional Case Review

To ensure that high volume transactional cases are reviewed and approved by the appropriate persons in an e...

Bar Certification Tracking

Tracking and maintaining bar certifications for attorneys, who are sometimes spread across the country, if ...

New Work Intake

Workflow automation that securely, efficiently and compliantly takes in new business. Implement a visual wo...

Electronic Signatures

e-Signatures are a legally acceptable mechanism for signing a contract, and use the latest and most secure ...

Benefits Administration

Human Resources needs a way to gather feedback from employees as to what benefits or perks they would like....

CCPA Data Deletion Request

A workflow for fulfilling consumer requests to have their personal data deleted by an organization.

Conflict of Interest

Effectively address and resolve conflict-of-interest issues that need the ongoing attention of multiple sta...

Data Privacy

An organisation must ensure that consent procedures by which employees agree to the retention of their pers...

Diversity Tracking

Provide a means for organisations to ask their employees about the organisation’s diversity program.

Entertainment Disclosures & Exceptions

Provide a simple, convenient way for executives and staff to report on gifting and entertainment activities...

Vendor Onboarding with Privacy Review (KPL)

Vendor compliance is a critical component of security and privacy compliance. TAP Workflow Automation can s...

Data Inventory and Recertification Request (KPL)

GDPR Article 30 requires companies produce records of processing activities to prove compliance to regulato...

Data Subject Access Requests

The CCPA and the similar state-by-state regulations that are following ensure that consumers have a stronge...

CCPA Vendor Onboarding

Vendor compliance is a critical component of security and privacy compliance.

Do Not Sell Request

Automating the processing of consumer requests to opt-out of sale of PI to third parties.

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