Data Subject Access Requests

The CCPA and the similar state-by-state regulations that are following ensure that consumers have a stronger grip on their own data. In order to grant consumers easy access to the data collected by an enterprise (without driving said enterprise nuts), TAP Workflow Automation can be used to implement processes to automatically screen, triage, and complete such requests.


Design and launch a single form that can handle any and every CCPA-or-copycat mandated consumer request, simultaneously ensuring compliance through automation and auditability.


  • Design and launch an easy to use customer facing form that tracks, triages, and automates consumer requests mandated by the upcoming regulations.
  • Keep it on brand by employing a solution that can deliver styles straight from your playbook, from intake forms to automated emails and “thank you” notifications.
  • Ensure follow up on your “follow ups.” If a request requires follow up within a specific time-frame, build in time-based escalations to keep yourself compliant and your customer satisfied.
  • Workflows and forms can be easily created in TAP drag-and-drop UI, specifying routing, stakeholders and notifications at every stage.
  • Ensure that your company’s data governance standards are applied throughout the requests, from initial screening through audit trail capabilities.
  • Workflows can be modified or updated on the fly, a crucial factor in staying compliant with ever-evolving rules and regulations.


  • Using a single database and environment brings standardization and centralization, with ready-made security and compliance.
  • Documents and files that are relevant to each collaboration are centralized in one repository, not scattered with poor version control.
  • Stylized and on-brand intake forms keep your customers in your brand experience at all times.
  • All collaborators involved at the correct time and in authoritative sequence.
  • Processes repeat correctly every time, no matter how complicated.
  • Far higher security for sensitive processes that cross-organizational lines.
  • Central dashboard provides superior monitoring and governance of all sourcing processes.


  • Mandated responses to potentially large volumes of requests can be done with maximum cost- and resource – efficiency.
  • Penalty avoidance: Demonstrating compliance with CCPA not only shows consumers you care, but failure to do so can become ruinously expensive.
  • Learn more about CCPA penalties you can avoid at our CCPA Resources FAQ.