Employee Tax Return Paperwork


Automate workflows for processing employee tax return forms and paperwork.


  • Self-service tax forms can be easily designed using the TAP UI, as needed.
  • Forms can be automatically populated with data as they’re completed, or populated from other form and database sources.
  • Workflows allow employees to process returns or obtain all documentation from employers (e.g. tax certificates, fringe benefits reports, pay slips).
  • Easily customizable to meet exact enterprise needs, no matter how complex or simple.
  • Workflows can be integrated with enterprise payroll systems to ensure correct tax withholdings have been paid to tax authorities.
  • PDF version of watermarked tax returns can be sent along with estimate vouchers, filing instructions; manual or e-signatures can be requested and, once provided, trigger filing of the return.
  • All workflow records, assets and documents are centrally stored in a secure Cloud repository.


  • Automation of labor-intensive processes delivers massive efficiencies and savings for the organization.
  • Centralized, easy-to-read dashboards optimize billable time and identify inefficiencies.
  • Automatic notifications and alerts keep processes moving forward, and allow at-a-glance review of status and deadlines.
  • Centralized secure archiving of all workflows, histories, assets and documents ensures compliance and headache-free audits.
  • Accelerated and error-free processes drive improved employee morale.
  • E-signature integration standardizes secure approvals.