Design and publish a workflow to allow people/organizations to easily apply for membership in a trade organization as either buyers or providers of legal services. It can also prompt them to immediately pay any application/membership fees.


This workflow handles different applicant types and their associated approval processes, and integrates with PayPal to drive fee collection:

  • Individual online self-service forms are available for either buyers or providers of legal services.
  • Once an applicant has filled out and submitted the form, it’s routed to the proper stakeholders/gatekeepers for review.
  • Via PayPal integration, fee collection can be handled either at the point of submission (applicants are billed upon approval for membership) or are prompted via a follow-up notification upon approval.


  • Workflow automation accelerates the process while removing errors and bottlenecks.
  • Forms and data can be centrally stored for governance and compliance auditing.
  • Self-service forms provide a quick and standardized application process.
  • PayPal integration allows new members to process their payments immediately after their applications are approved, expediting collection.