Past-proven, future-proofed benefits



Painless adoption speeds ramp-up, so you’re able to quickly accelerate processes, cut costs and errors, reduce risk and improve compliance.



Adaptability and ease of use gives you greater agility, so you can be proactive in addressing risk or seizing opportunities.


Spend Control

We help teams do literally more with less, reducing legal spend 5% to 10% by optimizing sourcing to drive down costs – internally and externally.


Single Source of Truth

Centralizing key content and assets helps you standardize best practices, mitigating risk and building competitive advantage.



Centralized oversight enables transparency and predictability across all your operations, even including other departments and outside counsel.



Flexibly adapt our existing tools or ‘co-innovate’ new solutions with Mitratech experts to suit your evolving needs, now and tomorrow.



Collaboration features drove greater teamwork between staff, stakeholders, outside counsel and more, improving work product and outcomes.


Influence & Impact

Make your legal department a valued change agent, center of innovation and excellence, and strategic partner for the entire enterprise.

Solutions success stories

Case studies of how Mitratech legal software solutions have delivered exceptional results for our clients worldwide.

“If not for DataStore and the Mitratech team, the process of providing sight of original documentation, and ensuring regulatory compliance would have been an impossible task.”Mike Pitts – ICT Director

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They are committed to understanding our challenges and those of our customers, working together to leverage our strengths to our client’s advantage.”

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TAP is one of the simplest, highest payback tools in the industry, and it’s the one people in Legal Operations should start with.Connie Brenton – Director of Legal Operations

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Mitratech has a thorough understanding of the NHS and the inherent challenges we face. PolicyHub gives us a truly flexible and effective solution.

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TAP has the power to connect people and instill a shared sense of possibility. I’ve seen that unfold in our firm, with clients and throughout the legal ecosystem.Justin Hectus – CTO & CIO

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