What is Policy Management Software?

Policy management is the creation, implementation and maintenance of policies within an organisation.

Policy management software handles complex policies effectively which helps organisations centralize policies into one accessible place, facilitates stakeholder involvement, shares knowledge and information efficiently, keeps policies relevant and compliant and creates an audit trail. 

The benefits of policy management software include:

  • Central location for policies and procedures
  • Improved communication
  • Assists collaboration
  • Document security and control
  • Tracks compliance efficiently
  • Paperless
  • Robust controls

When policy management gets easier, you cut the costs of inefficiency and noncompliance

Today, nearly all departments in any organization need a Policy Management software. Why? Because the largest risk of reputational brand damage, lawsuits, or regulatory fines comes from your own employees. Well-managed and enforced policies and procedures will help, but ensuring they’re maintained, distributed, and attested to?

Mitratech answers the call with a powerful and intuitive policy management software that’s so easy to use, it doesn’t require any end-user training.

How will you benefit?

Finding the right policy management software to fit into your company’s GRC framework can be a challenge, which is why Mitratech’s solution is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with any existing systems, as well as help you build out a new compliance program. The benefits to your leadership, employees, and organization as a whole, present and future are endless.

Move faster than the competition

Improve operational efficiency

Generate significant (and quick) ROI through process automation and automated notifications – reducing human error, delays, and costs

Reduce costs of noncompliance

Have a defensible compliance program

Demonstrate a culture of ethics and compliance by being able to provide full audit trails and reporting including your policy handbook.

Reduce external legal spend

Avoid the costs of noncompliance

Fines and reputational damage can make noncompliance costs 3 times higher than the cost of remaining compliant.

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Remove complexities

Through built-in best practice tools, remove the complexities of policy management with end-to-end policy lifecycle management.

The easy choice for automating compliance and reducing policy handbook breaches

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Policy management becomes easier than ever before, as intuitive built-in tools ensure policies are efficiently managed and enforced and accurately maintained, distributed, and attested to.

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