Legal Solution Training
Legal Solution Training

Your eBilling Software is Powerful: So is Legal Invoice Review Training

Clearly, eBilling has been a benefit to corporate legal and insurance claims departments by providing the ability to automatically enforce billing guidelines and maintain the accuracy of invoices paid.

Modern eBilling systems can stop duplicates, ensure rate compliance, and highlight overbilling situations: taking away much of the time-consuming manual review of counsel invoices. Still, despite the automation, there will always be some level of human involvement that cannot be overlooked.

The human element of eBilling

The ease of having a line-item automatically flagged for review when a violation or anomaly is detected drives much of the draw and savings of an eBilling solution. At this critical juncture, the human element enters the fray.

A reviewer either writes down or objects to the line item in question. Are you confident that your reviewers know – and more importantly, enforce – your Billing Guidelines? Is one reviewer more lenient than another? What happens when a reviewer writes down a fee one month, then gives the same fee a pass a few months later?

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Training can remove costly reviewing errors

Whether the inconsistencies are a result of inattention, lack of time, or just not understanding the billing rules for the company as a whole, the consequences can be detrimental and expensive. It leads to overpayment, inaccurate reporting, and misunderstandings with law firms: All things that eBilling was implemented to eliminate in the first place!

Successful bill auditing includes training of staff on effective legal invoice review. There should be a consensus across the entire department on how invoices are to be reviewed, and consistency in how that review is executed. While rolling out an eBilling system greatly reduces the review and processing of invoices, your staff should be educated on what the department as a whole expects of its staff in managing other problems inherent in the invoice that can only be captured during a manual review. This educational step helps maintain consistent expectations with law firms and ensures maximum savings with your eBilling solutions.

The right ELM solution can help you resolve the issues confronting growing legal departments. If it’s supported by superior training and features industry-leading e-billing and matter management, it will help improve accuracy and compliance within organizations, even smaller or mid-sized ones.

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