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ELM Software Cloud

Driving ELM Software Efficiency: TeamConnect’s Move to Oracle Cloud

Improving ELM software platform efficiency may not be the sexiest product update, but only because the Cloud is so mysterious. But really, shouldn’t that mystery lend to some sexiness?

There’s something glamorous about data lakes and synergy between available data sets… and we’ve improved our customers’ data synergy and improved their data lakes through our move to Oracle Cloud.

When Mitratech began to transition to new cloud technology in May of 2020, our goal was threefold: to make our infrastructure more efficient, to improve our client’s access to their own data, and to give our IT team more time to focus on additional improvements, rather than keeping them bogged down in the day-to-day of cloud management.

The efficiency goal is easy enough to understand from a high level: we have been moving our data to a new cloud with bigger and better infrastructure, hardware, and network connection. These all point to faster processing time for our clients and more resiliency if anything goes wrong.

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The future of data is all about accessibility

Our clients will also now have greater access to their own data. Michael Hinegardner, Mitratech Director of Hosting, explains, “The future of data is all about accessibility. When clients use legal tech such as Team Connect, they gather enormous amounts of data which they can turn into business intelligence to drive better business decisions. But until recently, that data really lived in Team Connect. That’s great, but if the data could be easily pulled into a larger company-wide report, it would be easier for that business intelligence to have an even greater impact.”

Hinegardner explains that by using our new hosted environment, our customer’s data will be much easier for clients to manage themselves without needing as much assistance. The result? More synergy between available data, and more synergy between clients and their data.

Walking the walk for our employees

The last benefit of our big move — giving our hosting team their lives back now that they are not manually managing the cloud software — is proof of our dedication to walking the walk.

At Mitratech, we talk a lot about updating technology and strategizing one’s tech stack to reduce your employees’ “pain of the mundane” and give them the higher-level work that keeps them excited and brings new ideas into your business. Because no one can be creative when they are compelled to do manual, repetitive workflows that could be done by machines.

In our move to Oracle Cloud, we’re investing in our teams, allowing them to focus on higher-level work and start playing around with the hooks and incredible functionality that comes with the new technology. We can’t wait to see what they do with it, and how it comes around to benefit our clients.

Our focus? On your success.

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