When we promise our clients they can “expect success” with our products, one of the most proven of those is eCounsel. Another attribute that supports our promise? A track record of commitment to client support and co-innovation.

That was on display again this week. As part of Mitratech’s Client Success efforts on behalf of eCounsel users, our Marketing, Account Management, and Product teams helped lead A Day of eCounsel” in Chicago.  This client-hosted User Group focused on a half-day of learning, networking, best practices, and tips and tricks. This gave our own team an invaluable opportunity to huddle with clients, continue to build the eCounsel community, and listen to everyone’s concerns.

Some of the goals that were laid out for the session?

  • To review, discuss, and get feedback on our Client-Driven Roadmap for eCounsel, so it’s responsive to users’ real needs as the product evolves in the months and years ahead.
  • Highlight and share best practices around reporting and self-service portals in an open forum where everyone can feel free to contribute and build on others’ experiences.
  • Further strengthen the overall eCounsel community by connecting our own team more closely with our clients, and helping our clients connect with each other.

Another goal we had in mind? To make the attendees aware of all the valuable eCounsel content coming up at Interact 2019 this September.  There’ll be no less than four distinct eCounsel learning tracks they can attend, with multiple sessions and roundtables within each.

Interact 2019

A gathering of eCounsel clients old and new

One of the best things to see at this session, and at others like it? How it brought together very longtime eCounsel users with many of our newest. Our Tomi Fanning, a Major Account Manager, pointed out how that helps build confidence among those new users. That’s because they’re hearing from experienced clients about the potential the product really delivers.

The flipside of that? How new users can bring new perspectives, new types of needs, and fresh ideas to the table to share with the rest of us.

eCounsel User Meeting

It’s not surprising, then, that “A Day of eCounsel” saw a lot of worthwhile best practice sharing among everyone. Fostering client communities for our products that embrace authentic co-innovation is a big part of the Mitratech mission.

These open dialogues always help our clients succeed in solving their challenges, both individually and as a community. That’s because there’s a huge amount of brainpower and imagination at work in any user gathering. That co-innovation helps shape our product roadmap for eCounsel and other solutions, since we base those on users’ specific feedback and peer-testing.

Doing that didn’t take genius on our part: it’s simply responsible customer service and good business. It’s why the most successful technology leaders always put user focus at the core of their development and product planning processes.

eCounsel User Meeting

Dialogue with users is driving eCounsel’s evolution

The input we got from our clients in Chicago and elsewhere will be plainly reflected in the ongoing evolution of eCounsel.

eCounsel Enterprise Legal Management

It also came through, loud and clear, how this community puts a high value on communication and interaction. So it’ll be our job to make those even bigger parts of the entire eCounsel customer experience than they are already.

Everyone on the eCounsel team is looking forward to seeing our user community again in Austin in a few months. If you’re there, look us up!

In the meantime, please bookmark our Events page to see if there’s a user group meeting on the way to your area. Or subscribe to one of our newsletters to get updates in your inbox.

“Thank you for a great day yesterday. Everything was very professional and well thought out. I hope your clients found it to be a productive, good use of their time!”

Heidi Rudolph, attendee
Managing Director, Morae Global

Building a vigorous, vocal user community is a secret of eCounsel's evolution and product roadmap.

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