Rising ELM Challenges
Rising ELM Challenges

Exploring Legal Risk Management at Interact EMEA

If you Google the term “legal risk management,” it’s no surprise to see a raft of consultants pop up.  They’re the ones who usually identify trends or new segments early, and this is no exception.

At this year’s Interact EMEA, legal risk management will be among the many topics being addressed during the virtual conference’s daily keynotes and breakouts.

How is legal risk management defined?  Let’s pull from Wikipedia:

Legal risk management refers to the process of evaluating alternative regulatory and non-regulatory responses to risk and selecting among them. Even with the legal realm, this process requires knowledge of the legal, economic and social factors, as well as knowledge of the business world in which legal teams operate.

The operative word here, in our humble opinion?  Knowledge.  Without data and a strong overview of the regulatory context and your own operations, strong and effective legal risk management isn’t possible in an ever-more-complicated business universe.

Another reason why legal risk management is taking hold as terminology is due to the fact that the boundaries between the legal and GRC functions within organizations are blurring and breaking down.  That, too, is in response to the complexities of modern risk scenarios.

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Breaking down legal risk management and more at Interact EMEA

The challenges of legal risk management and creating a collaborative risk mitigation environment that bridges boundaries will be only one of the topics we’ll explore at Interact EMEA.

Our Day One Keynote Panel, for instance, will feature a wide-ranging discussion among three extraordinary experts: Michael Rasmussen, GRC Analyst & Pundit at GRC 20/20 Research, LLC; Ryan O’Leary, Research Manager, Privacy and Legal Technology at IDC, and Andrew Beckett, Managing Director, Cyber and Investigations for EMEA at Kroll.

A who’s-who of legal and compliance experts

You only need to take a glance at our roster of speakers at this year’s Interact EMEA to get an idea of the depth and breadth of the conversations and sessions attendees will be able to enjoy.  This year, we’re making attendance on Day One open to everybody, even if you’re not a current Mitratech client.

We’re positive the Mitratech client and user community is one of the most energetic, innovative, and collaborative you’ll find anywhere, and there’s always good engagement between them and our guest panelists and Mitratech leadership.  It’s why past Interacts have such excellent word-of-mouth in the legal and compliance industry over the years.

Take a second to register now so you can see what all the excitement is about at this year’s Interact EMEA.

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