Learn the Real Impact of Legal Ops workflow Automation
Learn the Real Impact of Legal Ops workflow Automation

Learn the Real Impact of Legal Ops Automation

Kelli Negro |

We’ve seen the true, day-to-day impact of workflow automation on law firms and legal departments over the years. Now, we’ve revised and updated a popular white paper to include some of that insight.

Automating Workflows for Legal Operations is a comprehensive overview of both the challenges facing Legal Ops teams that rely on old-school manual processes at a time when clients and competition alike are putting them in a tough position: Deliver improved compliance, faster response, more transparency and greater efficiency…or else.

Or else what? Our recent interview with Justin Hectus made that clear. Companies, including law firms, that “choose to maintain the status quo are going to be marginalized, will struggle and perhaps even go out of business.

The benefits have become clear

The improvements legal workflow automation delivers are real, not blue-sky fantasia. Workflow automation using SaaS-based platforms like our own TAP are providing transformational benefits to law firms and corporate legal operations teams.

Learn the real impact of Legal Ops workflow automation

Our white paper, Automating Workflows for Legal Operations, provides an essential primer on the circumstances that are driving this change, as informed leaders become increasingly aware of the issues caused by traditional workflows, and of the confirmed benefits involved in evolving their operations to embrace automation.

It’s a free download that’s a good starting point for understanding the pressures facing legal professionals as they search for greater efficiency, agility and compliance.