New Year, New Improvements to eBilling from Mitratech

Brendan Harney |

We’re excited to announce a host of improvements for corporate legal TeamConnect & TeamConnect Business Intelligence (TCBI) users as well as for law firm users of Collaborati.

Besides driving homegrown innovation of new features in our eBilling lineup of products, Mitratech is committed to responding to key enhancement requests directly from our user community. On February 16th, TeamConnect & TCBI version 6.3 were released as well as Collaborati 4.1, incorporating many of those client-driven improvements:

TeamConnect Platform:

Continuing our efforts to reduce the time it takes users to review large invoices, we’ve included our Phase 2 of Invoice Review project enhancements. Besides UI/UX polish, our new Matter Budget Insight panel provides visibility into how adjustments and approvals impact budgets while staying focused. Also, an Escalate Flag enables reviewers to draw attention to specific line items for later reviewers, keeping communications inside TeamConnect and not lost in other channels.

For TeamConnect Administrators, our new Configuration Transfer Utility (CTU) Pre-Check allows users to validate configuration designs before they’re made and catch errors that could cause import failures. Utilizing CTU Pre-Check can lower the import failure rate by up to 35%, saving valuable time and effort when upgrading instances.

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TeamConnect Business Intelligence & Reporting:

  • New TCBI Embedded Records Dashboards enable better decision-making by providing the right data to the right people at the right time. Dashboards can be embedded into a home page portal pane or a record (matter, contact, etc.) tab on a block and filter dynamically.
  • An included example of this is our Vendor Relationship Dashboard. A starter template, it provides a jumping off point for this valuable use case and improves efficiency by allowing attorneys to self-serve the important information that helps them make decisions.
  • Also included are several new client-requested dashboard plugins which aim to expand functionality and adoption.
  • In Native Reporting, we’re delivering an enhancement to add “Left Outer Join” functionality which will roughly double the number of basic reports clients/services can create and resolve some blockers for creating certain types of reports.

Collaborati & 3rd Party Support:

  • For Collaborati, Phase 2 of our UI Refresh project modernizes the UI in pursuit of improving user adoption through enhanced forms and an up-to-date visual look.
  • We’ve modernized the tech stack by adding Oracle 19c, which aligns with on-prem client needs and long term support.
  • Elasticsearch has been updated to 7.10 with enabled X-Pack encryption.
Co-Innovation and Collaboration

So much of this release was made possible by clients who participated in working groups to help define requirements and validate designs. We in Product Management would love to invite existing clients to participate in one or more of our product-area specific groups to help contribute and co-innovate, and see your vision come to life. Please contact your account manager if you would like to join or have any questions about how to upgrade!

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