Is Your Legal Team Ready for Upcoming Data Privacy Laws?

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The GDPR was a starting block, not the finish line. So corporate legal departments and Legal Ops professionals should already be preparing for the next round of upcoming data privacy laws.

Webinar - Navigating Data Privacy for Legal Operations

Corporate legal teams are under mounting pressure to confront the data privacy concerns every company is now facing, especially the largest, as public and legislative pressures grow worldwide. Legal Operations teams are being asked to quickly implement processes for reducing data privacy risk.

But a huge part of that challenge? A shifting, patchwork regulatory environment: In addition to 2018’s GDPR regulations, California’s CCPA goes into effect in January 2020, with over a dozen U.S. states developing their own measures without any federal standard to follow.  Some of them are proposing regulations even stiffer than the CCPA.

In a new webinar, some acknowledged experts will provide guidance about the new realities in-house legal departments and Legal Ops are having to face:

  • Privacy is increasingly being recognized as a fundamental human right worldwide; GDPR was only the start.
  • There’s no guarantee that upcoming data privacy laws will be consistent between states, countries, or regions.
  • Navigating this patchwork of laws will require exceptional focus and efficiency from legal and compliance professionals.
  • Regulators and law enforcement are seriously, even aggressively enforcing data privacy edicts.
  • Companies that fail at compliance are exposing themselves to potentially ruinous risks.

Get expert insight on coping with upcoming data privacy laws

Before panic sets in, though, a company’s legal team should avail itself of some expert insight into the challenges upcoming data privacy laws present, and the steps a legal department and Legal Ops can take to meet them.

In this webinar, Navigating Data Privacy for Legal OperationsStacey Garrett from Keesal, Young & Logan will examine the data privacy law landscape, and offer useful advice on how to prepare for the future. General Counsels who are defining their enterprises’ organizational approaches, as well as Legal Operations professionals building processes to support governance, will learn the commonalities between different regulations, and the key considerations they can put to work in developing best practices.

Then Justin Hectus of KYL and Keesal Propulsion Labs will demonstrate how workflow automation empowers cross-functional collaboration, which helps in reducing data privacy risk across the enterprise.

Everyone who views the webinar will leave with solid, immediately-applicable ideas for flexibly addressing their present and future data privacy needs by putting the right foundation in place today.

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