Announcing TeamConnect 6.1 – Taking Our User-First Focus Even Further

Steven O'Donnell |

We’re happy to announce the latest TeamConnect release, version 6.1.  While it seems like going from 6.0 to 6.1 might be just an incremental upgrade, we focused on a few very specific areas that enhance its user experience.

To that end? We locked in on strengthening core matter management, and making some key enhancements to TeamConnect’s integration with Microsoft® Outlook and Office.

The end result? An improved user experience across the board. It’s one that respects the fact that many of our clients are proficient and productive within the MS working environment.  So we worked with them to make sure all users can take advantage of key TeamConnect features without having to leave Outlook and Office.

What does 6.1 include?

  • A new version of TeamConnect Office Suite: The latest version of the Microsoft plug-ins provides the ability to open new TeamConnect matters directly from Outlook, saving time and improving adoption by giving users the option to manage matters from within their email application.
  • TeamConnect Reporting Suite Enhancements: This is the latest addition to TeamConnect’s reporting suite, and version 6.1 adds features that provide greater flexibility over the data used to improve performance and user experience.
  • Expanded Global Search Capabilities within TeamConnect that improve performance by providing faster indexing and monitoring, making it easier than ever for staff to locate matter information and documents across the platform. 

For Current TeamConnect Clients

Wednesday, April 3rd

12:00 PM CST.

The benefits our clients expect to see from these improvements?

  • Increased usability by allowing users to remain in their comfortable Microsoft Office® environment.
  • Improved adoption and recordkeeping through easy upload of emails and attachments.
  • Time savings and enhanced collaboration with document management systems.
  • Even easier implementation, thanks to full administrative control over deployment.

Clients can learn more at our in-depth webinar

As usual, we have an outstanding community of TeamConnect users to thank for sharing their feedback and valuable time in co-innovating with our product teams. They’ve made each new iteration of our industry-leading platform possible.

If you’re one of those existing TeamConnect users, you’re invited to use the registration link above or here to reserve a spot on Wednesday, April 3rd at 12:00 PM CST. We’ll be delivering a live webinar and detailed demo of TeamConnect 6.1.

If your legal department isn’t using TeamConnect, but you want to learn more about the incredible benefits it’s generating for our clients?  Contact us today!

“TeamConnect’s integration capabilities have systematized process across the legal organization, saving the entire team time.”

Director of Legal Administration
A Fortune 500 Entertainment Corporation