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SmartRecruiters Marketplace

Tracker I-9 Compliance is Now Integrated With SmartRecruiters

We’ve partnered with SmartRecruiters, one of the leading talent acquisition software providers, to help joint customers streamline their I-9 compliance and right-to-work verification.

Our Tracker I-9 Compliance solution will now seamlessly integrate with SmartRecruiters’ industry-leading hiring software to verify the identity and employment authorization of individuals across the United States.

This integration gives SmartRecruiters users the ability to create an electronic I-9 for a candidate directly from the application. The integration offers several validations that will allow employers to understand if the I-9 has been successfully and compliantly completed, and supplies all necessary documentation. After completion, the candidate’s I-9 details can instantly be submitted to E-Verify for employment verification results within seconds.

Hiring managers and recruiters will be able to conveniently monitor timelines, progress, and action items seamlessly from within their dashboard, and will receive automated notifications to assure there’s timely and proper processing of every Form I-9.

The net-net for SmartRecruiters users?  Savings in time and aggravation, and relief from worry about meeting stringent filing timelines.  By increasing visibility and automation, they’ll become more confident in their ability to accurately and efficiently process employment eligibility documents.

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