How Visawolf unlocked more accurate, timely, and reliable case status updates for its clients by automating the case management process with INSZoom.

As one of the nation’s most-trusted immigration law firms, responsiveness and transparency have always been fundamental to the way Visawolf operates. But while the firm now offers a variety of remote access, same-day, and 24-hour visa services to meet its clients’ needs, it used to handle the majority of the case management process manually, including data collection, case tracking, reporting, and more.

Once Visawolf began taking on larger corporate clients for employment immigration, it became critical to deliver on the speed, visibility, and flexibility necessitated by global teams.

Download the Visawolf story to see how the team has leveraged INSZoom to:

  • Save roughly ⅓ of effort and time in generating new cases 
  • Improve client responsiveness and satisfaction 
  • Lay the foundation for future digital transformation

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