Fuel efficiency and save on costs with the help of Mitratech’s Alyne GRC technology.

Cyber and vendor risk management are connected by nature. Outsourcing core processes of the business to a third party is common avenue organizations go through.

In theory, this is completely ok, as the benefits of hiring a specialized third party are great. However, whenever a third party is brought into the organization, this relationship becomes the entry point for potential risks.

Ensuring that your vendors are compliant with your required standards, laws and regulations demands ongoing assessment and monitoring. Mitratech’s Alyne GRC technology helps business leaders empower their risk teams with robust capabilities that enable them to do their job more effectively, all while injecting enormous value into the business.

Learn all about Mitratech’s Alyne unique value drivers and key business differentiators in this powerful asset, specifically created for key decision-makers within organizations.

Check out the infographic for more on:

  • Boosting Efficiency & Saving on Costs
  • Risk Transparency Across Your Internal & External Environments
  • Mitratech’s Alyne x SecurityScorecard
  • Optimized Vendor Risk Management
  • Alyne’s Powerful Value Drivers

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