Empower your organization with Mitratech’s Alyne next-level vendor risk management capabilities.

Mitratech’s Alyne helps risk, supply chain, information security teams, and other GRC functions to understand and confidently implement compliance requirements, thoroughly assess risk, and obtain detailed risk analytics and reporting, in order to make risk-aware decisions for their organization – helping to effectively manage risk and reduce risk exposure.

Monitor, detect and prevent risks across your entire business environment, as well as your extended environment (third parties) with the help of Mitratech. Quantify cyber risks to truly understand the magnitude of the threat, and set mitigating priorities accordingly to protect the organization.

Explore Mitratech’s Alyne unique features and functionality in this powerful asset, specifically created for risk professionals.

Check out the infographic for more on:

  • Framework Alignment
  • Next-Generation Vendor Risk Processes
  • Mitratech’s Alyne x SecurityScorecard
  • Alyne’s Vendor Risk Management Capabilities
  • Powerful Value Drivers

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