Expect Success with INSZoom’s Cutting-Edge Features and Continuous Enhancements for Immigration Case Management.

Trusted by immigration services professionals and law firms worldwide as the industry-leading immigration software solution, INSZoom is a comprehensive, secure, and compliant cloud-based platform delivering all the capabilities needed to accelerate workflows while keeping client and candidate data secure. But what makes INSZoom by Mitratech so unique from other immigration solutions on the market? Get a full look at the platform’s capability and feature highlights.

Download the INSZoom capability highlights brochure for:
  • A comprehensive list of all automated and configurable features for efficient case management
  • Advanced security feature breakdown
  • A summary of all Integration offerings like email and calendar sync with Gmail/Outlook 
  • Deep insights into INSZoom’s portal offerings for applications, HR/Corporate professionals, and more! 
  • A look at the INSZoom learning and support center ​

INSZoom: For Practices Large & Small

We simplify global immigration case management and compliance for users of all sizes. Discover our flexible pricing plans.