Bring visibility and control to each step of the resolution process

A sound risk management program can help reduce the number of incidents, but some incidents can’t be anticipated nor avoided.

By embracing a robust incident management program, organizations can quickly detect incidents, contain them, mitigate impact, and resolve them effectively.

Plus, in-depth data analysis enables you to control future events and drive continuous improvement and mitigation within your risk management program. With Mitratech, you’ll deploy solutions that make this an everyday reality.

Incident Management

How will you benefit?

Actionable data insights

Bring best practices to your incident management lifecycle

Deploy and utilize a standardized process providing enhanced data for reporting and analytics.

looking at trends

Mitigate the potential of risks

Intelligent reporting enables you to analyze your incident data to visualize trends and relationships.

House all legal data

Promote a visible risk culture

Give your organization the tools for taking preventative measures before an incident occurs.

Save in external legal spend

Demonstrate ROI

By streamlining processes and reducing the costs associated with incidents.


In a modern company, the impacts on operations and compliance from poor incident reporting and resolution can be expensive and damaging in too many ways.  So take control and mitigate risk with the right technologies.

Policy Management

A policy management solution like Mitratech’s PolicyHub saves time and improves efficiency, supporting effective policy management by automating and streamlining the processes involved, and removing the complexities and errors involved. So you can build an ethical and defensible compliance program.

Compliance & Obligations Management

A compliance and obligations management solution, like Mitratech’s CMO offering, uses a simple, intuitive interface to let employees and auditors be proactive in incident and audit management, including Volcker Rule obligations, controls, investigations, and non-conformance reporting. Easily report incidents, understand your obligations, and continuously improve your compliance performance.

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