When policy management gets easier, you cut costs and inefficiency

A policy management solution is a necessity nowadays in nearly every corner of an enterprise.  Why?

It’s because the number one risk factor for regulatory violations, litigation, or reputational damage is its own workers.  Policies and procedures help mitigate this, but drafting, distributing, and capturing attestation are costly and time-consuming using traditional means.  And when policies have to be revised quickly, for widespread workforces? Manual processes are obsolete.

The answer is policy management automation, replacing inefficiency and delay with precision, agility, and speed.

What are the benefits?

Finding the right policy management software solution to fit into your company’s risk management framework can be a challenge.  You want a solution that integrates seamlessly with existing systems but delivers ease of use for all parties: leadership, administrators, employees, and third-party vendors.

Move faster than the competition

Improve operational efficiency

Generate significant (and quick) ROI through process automation and automated notifications – reducing human error, delays, and costs

Reduce costs of noncompliance

Have a defensible compliance program

Demonstrate a culture of ethics and compliance by being able to provide full audit trails and reporting.

Reduce external legal spend

Avoid the costs of noncompliance

Fines and reputational damage can make noncompliance costs 3 times higher than the cost of remaining compliant.

Streamline Process Icon

Remove complexities

Through built-in best practice tools, remove the complexities of policy management with end-to-end policy lifecycle management.


As the need for flexible, cost-effective policy management processes grows, policy management software (especially if teamed with workflow automation) can meet it by delivering ease of use, oversight, agility, and rapid ROI.

Policy Management

A policy management solution like Mitratech’s PolicyHub saves time and improves efficiency, supporting effective policy management by automating and streamlining the processes involved, and removing the complexities and errors involved. So you can build an ethical and defensible compliance program.

Workflow Automation

By integrating a policy management solution like PolicyHub with a best-in-class workflow automation solution like Mitratech’s TAP means that best practices and policies can be integrated into actual operational processes across your entire enterprise.

Vendor Risk Management

If you’re looking for a policy management solution that also helps streamline vendor and third-party risk management efforts, with VendorInsight you can command instant knowledge of your overall program compliance and quickly spot which specific policy requirements are not being met.

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