Are you only mitigating half your risk?

Monitoring your internal enterprise risk alone is no longer enough. It’s time to enhance decision-making and data protection throughout your entire vendor network.

Half – or more – of the threats to your business can arise from your third-party vendor network or the fourth-party service providers they subcontract. That means that protecting your customers and your business in today’s environment demands visibility and control over your vendors’ risk management, security, and compliance practices as well as your own.

Whether it’s adherence to your company’s policies, compliance with industry regulations, protection of sensitive data, or managing other operational risks (like financial, cybersecurity, information security, or business continuity vulnerabilities that could impact your bottom line), VendorInsight is the trusted partner in helping you understand, report on, and proactively address potential risk exposure patterns before they make an impact.

The VendorInsight advantage is comprehensive oversight of your third-party risk with:

  • Vendor onboarding & offboarding
  • Third-party risk assessments
  • Automated vendor monitoring
  • Fourth-party vendor tracking
  • Concentration risk analysis & more.
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third party risk management

Streamline your third-party and vendor compliance

VendorInsight is particularly effective for helping companies in highly regulated industries (like banks, credit unions, insurance firms, and other financial services organizations) protect themselves against third-party compliance risk, regulatory scrutiny, and financial risk and penalties. Save time (and gain peace of mind) knowing your company is compliant with industry standards across regulatory bodies and requirements like:

  • Federal Reserve Board (FRB)
  • OCC
  • FDIC
  • CFPB
  • CECL
  • GLBA
  • GDPR
  • CCPA
  • Dodd-Frank
  • SEC
  • NYDFS500

“ VendorInsight is a world-class solution that has successfully supported the growth of UBSI over the last four years, and I expect it will continue to do so well into the foreseeable future.”

Craig Robinson, Vendor Manager at United Bank Shares Inc.

Why choose VendorInsight as your Vendor Risk Management Partner?

Flexible, SaaS-based capabilities make it fast, easy, and rewarding to get up-and-running quickly with:

Vendorinsight Compliance


Move away from spreadsheets and centrally manage vendor contracts, documentation, vendor risk analysis reports and more

Vendorinsight Reporting


Track and report on your entire vendor landscape with an unparalleled time to value via intuitive dashboards and straightforward SaaS implementation

Vendorinsight Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

Get Governance Dashboard Alerts to proactively monitor and mitigate risk

Vendorinsight Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring

Identify and monitor third- and fourth-party risk across your vendor network and supply chain.

Ready to eliminate your exposure to vendor risk?

See what you can do with VendorInsight.


The Vendor Risk Management software with extraordinary features

SaaS-based VendorInsight is remarkably easy to adopt and use, offering a wide range of features:

Vendorinsight Contract Manager
Contract Manager

Input contract terms, manage vendor contracts, manage renewal dates, and configure alerts.

Vendorinsight Document Manager
Document Manager

Upload vendor documents, upload vendor due diligence reports, manage document expirations, archive documents, and more.

Vendorinsight Inherent Risk Assessments
Inherent Vendor Risk Assessments

Determine vendor criticality and assess inherent risks, calculate an inherent risk rating for each vendor.

Vendor Risk Management software with Residual Risk Assessment
Residual Risk Assessment

Develop comprehensive or abbreviated vendor risk assessments depending on vendor type, collaborate on risk assessments with subject matter experts, and assign a residual risk rating to each vendor relationship.

Vendor Risk Management software with Dashboards, Reporting, and Analytics
Dashboards, Reporting, and Analytics

Customizable enterprise, administrative, process, and user dashboards keep current activities and workflow status readily visible, allowing you to perform functions directly from the vendor management dashboard.

Vendor Risk Management software with Vendor Questionnaires
Vendor Questionnaires

Develop and issue various types of questionnaires to vendors, link vendor documents to questionnaire responses, and carry out workflows to review submitted questionnaires and documents with subject matter experts and stakeholders.

Vendor Risk Management software with Vendor Due Diligence Report Generation
Vendor Due Diligence Report Generation

An evaluation report wizard helps generate comprehensive reports, using data from vendor due diligence reviews and automated scoring by subsection rollups to create overall vendor scores.

Vendor Risk Management software with vendor news monitoring
Vendor News Monitoring

Receive daily updates about vendor news and special risk alerts linked to critical vendor events like data breaches, lawsuits, changes in legal and executive structure, and more.

Vendor Risk Management software with workflow automation
Workflow Automation

Workflow automation lets you design concurrent or sequential reviews of documentation and track changes from your subject matter experts and approval authorities.

Vendor Risk Management software with Issue Tracking and Remediation
Issue Tracking and Remediation

Identify and prioritize issues and risk assessment gaps that require remediation, assign corrective actions to managers, and track aging, completion, and approvals.

Vendor Risk Management software with Policy Adherence and Governance
Policy Adherence and Governance

With the unique PCM (Policy Compliance Matrix), you command instant knowledge of your overall program compliance and quickly spot which specific policy requirements are not being met.

Vendor Risk Management software with Indicators
Enterprise Risk Indicator Metrics

ERIs (including KRIs, KPIs, KGIs, and risk thresholds) enable enterprise-level view of governance effectiveness indicators, risk effectiveness indicators, and performance indicators; alerts are sent automatically when risks exceed acceptable ranges.

Vendor Risk Management software with Single Sign-On
Single Sign-On

Protect your data in VendorInsight® with SSO access security and provide ease-of-use for your enterprise users.

Vendor Risk Management software with Performance Reviews
Performance Reviews and SLA Tracking

Monitor and track vendor performance metrics and specific service level agreements (SLAs) for important contracts.

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Frequently-Asked Vendor Risk Management Questions

In a world of remote work, global supply chain challenges, and a growing ecosystem of vendors supporting your business, risk is no longer bound to your offices. Keeping compliant in today’s environment demands visibility and control over your vendors’  risk management, security, and compliance practices as well as your own. Vendor Risk Management (VRM) or Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM,) is the process of ensuring that the use of service providers, IT suppliers, and other vendors does not introduce potential risks that could lead to operational disruption, non-compliance, or reputational damage.

VendorInsight is a best-in-class Vendor Risk Management software solution where ease of use meets advanced features, such as scalable vendor risk assessments, automated vendor monitoring, fourth-party vendor tracking, concentration risk analysis, contract management, and more. VendorInsight provides a turn-key solution that includes vendor news monitoring  alerts and updates across industries, from financial services to healthcare, and beyond.

  • Unable to consistently monitor vendors
  • Challenged with meeting complex regulations 
  • No centralized solution to manage vendors, contracts, and vendor documents 
  • Not enough staff to manage vendors 
  • Collecting vendor documentation 
  • Completing periodic vendor reviews 
  • Providing management with simplistic risk summaries of your vendors
  • Reporting on vendors to leadership and auditors is manual and labor-intensive

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