The Reality of Ramping up with Quovant: You’re Just a Few Days Away from Greater Simplicity, Compliance and Control Over your Legal Spend 

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It’s an unconventional time for businesses of all kinds, and many are shying away from onboarding new processes or technologies for fear of change, additional costs or extended ramp-up times. While most organizations are looking at their bottom lines and expenditures with a critical eye, they may be failing to realize that stagnating their current processes is actually hindering greater efficiencies and cost savings at a time where they need it the most. To appease this, legal departments are likely resorting to more of the same – manual approaches and relying on an increasingly taxed legal team to perform thorough legal bill review and analyze law firm performance. Contrary to popular belief, ramping up with new, more modern solutions for eBilling and Matter Management isn’t as time-consuming or laborious as many believe it to be.

LegalBill from Quovant can typically be set up in a matter of days – and you can be productive in just a few hours – making a more immediate impact for companies looking to improve their approaches to eBilling, Matter Management, legal bill review and more. Other ELM solutions can take months to implement, deterring legal departments from even considering a move to automate. Our client success experts and intuitive technology ensure headache-free onboarding and expedited ROI.

If you and your team were contemplating new approaches for eBilling and Matter Management needs before the pandemic or are finding yourselves still falling short, you can still make a smart, quick and strategic move despite preconceived concerns. Here are a few things you should consider when choosing the best fit:

  1. Can the software be easily implemented remotely and operate among distributed teams? It may be intimidating to onboard new technologies while teams are working from home, but Quovant’s expert team knows exactly what legal teams need from their ELM software – taking setup and customization off their plates and making the process as simple as possible.
  2. How quickly and smoothly can the software be onboarded? Businesses don’t need results a few months from now, they need to address their pain-points today – and Quovant understands the immediacy of corporate counsel’s current operational and cost-saving needs. We can typically have LegalBill configured and implemented in a few short weeks and you can be productive on the platform on day one.
  3. Can additional services be layered on top of current ELM software to address other problem areas? Another element of timing involves a legal department’s current contractual obligations with other ELM solutions or services. If you’re committed to a given service until next year, you may not think it’s possible to integrate Quovant’s services. Quovant’s experts can masterfully layer our expert bill review, analysis and reporting onto existing ELM solutions, filling problematic gaps and seamlessly addressing pain points.

While you are working remotely, taking care of your family and handling demanding workloads, the last thing you should have to focus on are the tedious demands of legal bill review and related administrative processes. With restricted budgets, added pressures and lack of adequate tools and resources, it’s easy to feel stuck or overwhelmed. Fortunately, you and your team can get set up with LegalBill quicker than any other ELM software solution on the market today. With immediate insights and analytics that lead to better business decisions, efficiencies and annual savings of 10% or more, you’ll be thankful you did. 

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published to the Quovant site. After the 2022 Mitratech acquisition, the content was moved to the Mitratech site.