Electronic Signatures


Deliver highly secure yet simple means for digitally indicating consent or approval on a digital document.


  • e-Signatures are a legally acceptable mechanism for signing a contract, and use the latest and most secure technology available to automate and track digital signatures.
  • TAP provides easy integration of e-Signature technology into form and document-based workflows.
  • Leverages best-in-class platforms including Adobe Sign and DocuSign.
  • Centralized control and auditing via TAP and automated notifications allow managers/stakeholders to track approvals/consent status of a workflow.
  • Works via mobile devices, allowing remote/on-the-go approvals.
  • Automated notifications and alerts ensure timely participation from all concerned.


  • Integration with top-shelf e-signature platforms provides best possible security and assurance that contracts will be compliant, legally binding, and secure.
  • Centralized dashboard allows monitoring and management of approvals and consents at every stage of a workflow, even those involving multiple stakeholders.
  • An automated approvals process accelerates engagement and participation, while standardization reduces errors.
  • Delivers significant time/cost savings and ROI.