Automate and accelerate the process of onboarding new employees.


  • Online self-service form allows management or HR personnel to submit onboarding requests.
  • Intuitive form design and workflow design interfaces allow customization of documents and processes to enterprise need.
  • Workflows can be tailored to job type, and can specify stakeholders necessary at each stage of onboarding process.
  • Onboarding requests are automatically routed for proper review and approval.
  • Orientation and training sessions can be orchestrated via the workflow, including notification/reminders to attendees.
  • New hires can be automatically sent a packet of orientation materials.
  • Online orientation forms can be included allowing new employees to submit necessary onboarding documents such as agreements, disclosures, benefit applications, etc.


  • Reduction in manual paperwork reduces errors and delays, driving sizable time and costs savings for the enterprise.
  • HR accelerates response times and new hire processing, building goodwill with all stakeholders.
  • Centralized tracking and reporting allows HR to have real-time overview of all onboarding workflows.
  • Workflows are automatically archived in the Cloud for secure storage and accessibility for auditing.
  • E-signature integration standardizes secure approvals.