Data privacy is more important than ever before

Enterprises of all types are faced with keeping up compliance with growing data privacy regulations, while warding off threats caused by poor policy implementation and outmoded processes.  The risks from not taking action? Huge.

But with Mitratech’s end-to-end range of data privacy solutions and expert support, you can mitigate data privacy problems and penalties even before they happen.

What are the risks of not putting data privacy solutions in place?



Under the CCPA, a company can be fined up to $7500 for each consumer data record that’s in violation.


€20 million

The fine a company could pay under the GDPR for a severe violation, or else 4% of revenue – whichever is greater.



The share of corporate IT leaders who say employee data breaches are a significant concern, according to an Egress survey.

This UK law protects the privacy and integrity of personal data held by businesses and other organizations, ensuring customers and employees have access to their data and can correct it, if necessary.

Australia’s Federal Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) and its Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) apply to private sector entities with annual turnover of at least AU$3 million.

Mitratech data privacy solutions


Discover and manage “Shadow IT” spreadsheets and other data assets hidden across your enterprise to reveal if they hold personal data.

datastore DataStore

Control the capture, archiving, retrieval, accessibility, and retention of all business-critical information in your organization via a secure central repository.

PolicyHub PolicyHub

Save time and costs by streamlining policy management and removing complexities and errors, for a flexible, efficient, and defensible compliance program.

TAP Workflow Automation TAP

Easy-to-use workflow automation for accelerating key processes to handle consumer personal data requests, as well as other data privacy-related demands.

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