Are you leveraging the best available tools for Immigration Case Management?

Whether you’re dealing with immigration case management demands for domestic or international clients? Whether as an immigration law practice or as the immigration desk of a major corporation?  You know you’re constantly facing increasingly complex and fluid requirements.

It’s why you need to find technology solutions capable of simplifying global immigration case management and compliance for organizations of all sizes and types.

Only Mitratech offers not just one, but two best-in-class immigration case management solutions, each designed by immigration law professionals.  With INSZoom and IMS Tracker, you have comprehensive, secure, and compliant cloud-based immigration software solutions available to you that will not only benefit your clients but accelerate your workflows and productivity like never before.

I-9 Compliance

Why adopt best-in-class immigration case management solutions?

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Manage mountains of paperwork

There are literally thousands of forms and documents, so your staff can spend enormous amounts of time compiling, completing, and vetting them.

Prevent the damage of human errors

Manual data entry and reconciling a vast array of immigration forms can cause critical errors and negative case outcomes.

Ensure you’re not missing deadlines

One of the most vital elements of immigration filing?  Submitting forms on time. Missed deadlines can be extremely costly for clients.

From process automation to integration with government-hosted compliance platforms, you want an industry-best solution with an unbeaten track record in immigration case management.

Be sure the solution you choose has all the features (and then some!) you need to meet not just current demands, but future ones, too.

Whatever solution you choose has to be built with a rock-solid data security features to keep your clients’ personal data (and your own operations) safe.

The software you choose should deliver fast ROI by making your immigration operations more responsive, more efficient, and less subject to costly delays and errors.

Mitratech Immigration Case Management & I-9 solutions

INSZoom IMS Software


The world-leading solution for simplifying global immigration case management and compliance for clients of all sizes.

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Immigration Tracker

The original fully-customizable immigration case management software for the 21st century law firm, offering the most intuitive solution available for organizations requiring full compliance.

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Tracker I-9 Compliance

The only I-9 compliance software that maintains a perfect +20-year track record with U.S. government agencies.

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