Obligations and regulatory management: Why does it matter to your success?

Regulation, whether external in specific sectors like finance or healthcare, or in more general realms like consumer data privacy, or even internal obligations such as Board reporting and accountability?  It’s all is on an explosive growth curve.  So understanding your external and obligations is essential to establishing compliance.

Mitratech has the right solutions for obligations and regulatory management, backed by legendary client support.  They’re tools you’ll find invaluable in navigating a maze of rules and regulations.

What could it cost you to not have obligations and regulatory management solutions?



According to some experts, the share of companies who are not ready for the CCPA even though they’re exposed.



How many times more costly noncompliance is than the cost of compliance programs, according to Ponemon/Globalscape.


$36 billion

The amount of global fines levied against financial firms in 2019 for AML and KYL violations and other sanctions.

Mitratech obligations and regulatory management solutions


Get a centralized, holistic overview of your compliance obligations and business risks with our obligations, audit, and incident management tool.


Discover and manage “Shadow IT” spreadsheets and other data assets hidden across your enterprise to reveal if they hold personal data.

PolicyHub PolicyHub

Save time and costs by streamlining policy management and removing complexities and errors, for a flexible, efficient, and defensible compliance program.

datastore DataStore

Control the capture, archiving, retrieval, accessibility, and retention of all business-critical information in your organization via a secure central repository.

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Charles Stanley
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