Co-Innovation in Action: Our Newest ImmigrationTracker Improvements

With the help of customer feedback and co-innovation, our latestImmigrationTracker release included a completely redesigned platform experience.

ImmigrationTracker was re-imagined with a more modern look and feel, while making strategic changes and enhancements to improve user experience without impacting core functionality. We’ve also made it more intuitive for users to navigate to reports and the other management tools they need most. That has made the industry’s best immigration case management solution even easier to use.

Even before ImmigrationTracker became part of the Mitratech slate of software solutions, it had been richly supported through the years by a product team committed to listening to client feedback, and working closely with them to develop the next set of enhancements.  That’s what users expect from best-in-class providers today.

“We look for continuous improvement and innovation from the software solutions we adopt, and the ImmigrationTracker team has consistently delivered that.”

Bryan Y. Funai, Attorney at Law
Masuda, Funal, Eifert & Mitchell, Ltd.

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“At Mitratech, everything we do is shaped by our commitment to innovate on behalf of and in partnership with our customers,” explains Karnig Takvorian, Senior Manager, Product Development at Mitratech.  “Our new interface is a critical step in advancing this mission. Driven by invaluable user feedback, we’ve reimagined ImmigrationTracker with a more modern look while simultaneously making strategic functional enhancements to deliver a more delightful user experience. The industry-leading case management platform we offer today could not have been possible without the input from our dedicated customers, and we look forward to continuing to work together to transform Legal Operations.”

What’s under the hood?

These new changes to the ImmigrationTracker UX and interface won’t impact system workflows, integrations, reporting options, security features, nor other core functionality. We’ve improved aesthetics and accessibility, and any functional changes to the UX are solely to create a better user experience.

So what are the improvements?

  • We designed and implemented persona-based Workspaces for each user role type: Staff, Contact, and Individual Users. Workspaces offer users quick access to business-critical activities.
  • Implemented Megamenus for the following major objects: Organizations, Individuals, and Processes. Megamenus offer anywhere-to-anywhere record navigation – such as jumping from an Individual’s Family to their Closed Processes.
  • Developed Hero Cards for each major object: Organizations, Contacts, Individuals, and Processes. Hero Cards offer users a birds-eye view of mission-critical data within each record and quick access shortcuts to quickly add and edit Status Histories, Government Documents, and more.
  • Redesigned the end-to-end platform experience to ensure the application responds to the user’s browser size and resolution settings.

We’re always striving to make ImmigrationTracker easier to use, so we look to our customers for continued inspiration. As part of the Mitratech family, the team behind ImmigrationTracker has never been in a better position to further empower our customers with industry-leading immigration case management technology, responsive updates, and our commitment to unrivaled co-innovation.

“You learn to recognize when a provider is truly innovating with the user in mind, versus just throwing features out there that don’t deliver value. The ImmigrationTracker team is obviously listening to their users and focusing on value.”

Kayla Arroyave, Client Services Manager
Chin and Curtis, LLP

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