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Collaboration ELM

How An Enterprise Legal Management System Can Help Corporate Legal Teams Work From Home

The outbreak of the coronavirus has put a halt to many of the daily activities of billions of people and businesses around the world. The legal industry isn’t exempt from the impact of government lockdowns, quarantines and widespread financial hardship.

However, there’s one major plus side of the outbreak for the industry: A new digital age is being ushered upon the legal world.

Times are changing

In response to the rapidly changing situation, the need for social distancing and the continual uncertainty, legal teams across the country have begun to turn to cloud-based legal solutions to:

  • Transform their internal processes for better efficiency and staff utilization.
  • Redistribute their workforce with remote work setups to avoid disruption and keep employees safe.
  • Change their methods of delivering service to clients by incorporating digital solutions.Is your enterprise legal team prepared for the technological overhaul of remote work environments?

Read on to learn more about how technology is quickly transforming the legal landscape – and how you can avoid being left behind.

Cloud-based technology smoothes the transition

One of the biggest changes brought by the virus was the widespread move to remote work in the legal industry. Almost overnight, legal work has become unbound from the physical office in favor of flexible, accessible cloud-based environments.

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Cloud-based ELM solutions make it easier for legal staff to collaborate and share important documents as they work on corporate cases from home. Here are just a few ways cloud-based solutions can help:

Accessibility and collaboration

Client meetings are taking place through Zoom and Skype. Attorneys and paralegals are telecommuting while using collaboration tools to keep in touch. In-house legal teams are working with their outside counsel partners through cloud-based document management systems.

With cloud-based management, all of your documents, tasks, emails and billing invoices are available 24/7 and backed up, ensuring no documents are lost. Work can continue despite current disasters or worker location.

Cost savings

As the virus passes, we may see a future in which expensive office space is used primarily (or exclusively) for important meetings with clients and certain paralegal work.

Besides reducing the need for office space, cloud-based systems grow with your company and can handle all of your matters in a convenient, affordable all-in-one system. You no longer have to spend money on multiple solutions.


Technology issues such as a server going down and needing maintenance are costly and time-consuming. Cloud-based solutions let you avoid downtime and spend more time and talent on legal matters.

Talent retention

As remote work becomes commonplace and administrative tasks are streamlined with technology, corporate legal teams may become much more cost-effective and higher-performing. As an added bonus, the adoption of telecommuting as a regular practice may boost talent retention as attorneys enjoy the benefits of working from home.

Business continuity

While we can’t predict the future, the coronavirus has exposed the need for many legal teams to adopt a “future-proofing” approach to future disasters. If a disruption or disaster strikes, corporate legal teams can look to enterprise legal management software for the remote collaboration and workflow tools to keep their business operating.

Find the right ELM for your remote collaboration needs

If a company is evolving, with increasing legal needs and a growing legal department, its need for a cloud-based ELM solution to streamline corporate law practice becomes urgent.  A SaaS ELM that’s designed for flexibility and scalability can bring significant optimization to its legal operations, even if some of them must be conducted remotely.

These are just a few of the features the right solution should deliver:

  • Collaboration tools to foster communication between in-house teams and outside counsel.
  • Analytics and reporting for insights from actionable data.
  • Real-time KPIs that allow you to track team performance.
  • Easy online document retrieval for the entire organization with our document management system.
  • Cloud-based matter management that allows people to work together in and out of the office.

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