Webinar Recap: 4 Experts’ Experience with Legal Workflow Automation Software
Webinar Recap: 4 Experts’ Experience with Legal Workflow Automation Software

“It’s So Simple” – How Juniper Networks Transformed Their MAF Process

Lauren Jackson |

There’s no feeling quite so wonderful as that moment when, after partnering with a client so closely on an implementation, we get to step back and watch them be wildly successful and use our legal software products to transform their business in new and innovative ways.

The most recent success? Juniper’s complete overhaul of their Manufacturer’s Authorization Form (MAF) process. Let’s put this into context…

Juniper, a high-performance network solutions provider, was once faced with a big challenge: Their Legal department – well, just one person in their Legal department in particular– needed to issue, sign and process 750 MAF documents in a single quarter. To add to that challenge, the person charged with this enormous task was based in California, while the approvers lived across EMEA and APAC.

Handled manually, this process would pretty much be anyone’s worst nightmare, if only because of the emails involved:

“Each of these 750 requests had at least two to three emails associated with them. Multiply that 750 by three emails, and that’s a conservative estimate of the effort each letter required. Trying to track all that was tough.”

That’s according to Eleanor Alderette, the Senior Contracts and Project Manager at Juniper. That adds up to – conservatively speaking – over 2,250 emails for a single project.

Where Juniper accelerated savings

Imagine the time you could save if you had to look over 60% fewer emails per quarter?

Imagine the money your company could save, if you consider the average salary for paralegals and attorneys. That’s a lot of money to spend on emails.

Today, Juniper no longer has to imagine what life would be like without that glut of emails. And the benefits really added up. In the first six months alone of applying their new solution to their MAF process, Juniper saved over $236,000.

What’s their secret?

Find out for yourself; download the case study today.

Juniper Networks transformed Manufacturers Authorization Form Process

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